06.10.2021Project Reports

Parisian flair with dark Tiger Oak at Berlin's Anouki brasserie


- Cozy extravagance perfected with Tiger OAK

- Creative: an unprecedented laying of the floor at this trendy Berlin bar is 
the icing on the cake 
- Non-slip, robust, yet extravagant: oak wood flooring from mafi perfect for the restauraunt trade 

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Inviting benches in bold colors, friendly plant decorations, tables in a trendy terrazzo look, and the dark floors in an unusual interpretation of the herringbone pattern all create a harmonious atmosphere that simply makes guests feel comfortable. From floor to ceiling, every detail is perfect.

A place to relax and linger: that's the best description of this cozy and versatile brasserie in the heart of Berlin. The chocolate-colored oak flooring with its light inclusions and black tiger stripes provides the foundation for the cozy surroundings.

Enjoy café au lait in original, comfortable surroundings

The menu at Anouki is as varied as its interior style.  
The exciting material mix of woods, leather, gold accents, velvet, and terrazzo stone conjure up a chic and trendy ambience that does more than just invite you to linger.

You may quickly find yourself staying longer than just for a quick café au lait.
And that was exactly the intention of Pro Urban Architects when planning this extensive project. 
The rich brown tones of the mafi Tiger Oak, reminiscent of chocolate, forms the earthy foundation for this restaurant with French charm, which turns into a trendy bar in the evening.
The interior is all the more colorful and unusual: benches in strong blue, pink and plum-colored velvet and leather combined with walls in pistachio, blue and sunny yellow.

A creative flooring pattern and colorful interiors as special eye-catching features

Even the brasserie's washrooms are full of color.
Sky-blue tiles and sunny yellow walls harmonize with the warm brown tones of the oak floors.
The natural oiling emphasizes the lively grain of the wood and also highlights the light inclusions in the oak. The cracks that occur naturally during the thermal treatment are filled with black putty to create the extraordinary tiger look of this extravagant flooring. 
The pattern devised by the team at Pro Urban was also very special. As if the look of the flooring wasn't striking enough, the floor is laid in a herringbone pattern.

Here, however, each row does not consist of one board, as usual, but of three boards instead. In this way, the otherwise dense pattern is visually relaxed and the room does not appear overloaded despite all of the design details.

Non-slip and robust: natural oak flooring perfect for restaurants

Four birds with one stone: natural wood regulates the humidity and thus acts as a natural air conditioning system, filters pollutants from the air, has an antibacterial effect, all the while featuring a vital non-slip surface.  
But not only are these many positive properties of the natural wood ingenious, but also the structure of the mafi plank. The back and top layers are made of the same wood with the same thermal treatment while the middle layer is made of flexible spruce. This high-quality three-symmetrical construction guarantees enormous dimensional stability and durability. 
The noble look and the unique flair that an oiled natural wood floor creates and its robustness and natural slip resistance represent the best conditions for locations that want to invite their guests to linger while ensuring a secure footing for their staff and visitors alike.

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