12.12.2014Project Reports

Private house in Topanga, California, USA

One's own home as an expression of one's identity - this statement applies to this project and one would definitely like to get to know this person. 

"The Oak Country in the white oiled variant creates the bridge between modern and character. That's why this product is one of the most successful in the mafi portfolio."

The epitome of the country house floorboard, the mafi Oak Country, was interpreted in a modern way in this object over more than 280 m². The planks are full of character and impressive because of big knots and a lively grain. mafi continuously works to raise awareness for the natural and genuine use of the whole tree. This also includes knots and occasional cracks. The dark knots harmonise perfectly with the black resin pockets and appear totally harmonious across the whole area. 

The white oiled surface breaks up the traditional hue of the Oak without interfering with the natural appearance of the wood. This air-dried, oiled surface is thus more than responsible for allowing the wood to give off its innumerable positive qualities. Unsealed wood is suitable for Pianos and Sound Studios due to its natural soundproofing. It behaves similarly also with warmth. The wood releases body heat far more slowly than smooth, plasticised surfaces. In this way, rooms with wooden floors always seem warmer and more pleasant to the human body. Last but not least, wood interacts with the indoor humidity and sustainably improves the room climate. 

The symmetrical three layer construction provides the necessary stability - even when used on underfloor heating or in wet areas. mafi uses the same wood in the same strength for the top and back layers - this results in a countermove which greatly reduces the natural movement of the wood. 

All these factors create a difference which one can feel, a refuge, and a room for inspiration and unfolding - in short, a home. 

A look behind the scenes at mafi and the idea behind natural wooden floors are shown in this video: 



90290 Topanga
United States