24.02.2023Project Reports

Pure clarity with clear oak flooring


- Extremely white oak wood, modern glass and grey concrete look:  
this is how timeless furnishing with high-quality materials works. 

- The parquet that adapts to every time and every trend: 
Clear Oak, extremely white oiled 

- A healthy indoor climate thanks to an open-pored wooden surface

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In this impressive, spacious single-family house in Lich Langsdorf, Germany, clarity and lightness are noticeable in the form of a large spatial section, a lot of light and deliberately only little interior decor.  

The floor is the basis on which the interior and room concept is built. The safest choice if you would like to bring home a new, fresh breeze in terms of style and living colors every few years is a stable, visually calm parquet that knows how to adapt to every trend.

Timeless aesthetics with simple living colors and extremely bright oak parquet

The quiet, almost knot-free parquet exudes a timelessly beautiful aesthetic – the ideal basis for a room concept that is as simple as it is modern and can be expanded and changed as desired.  The extremely white oiled parquet in a clear assortment is combined with high-quality materials such as glass, virgin wool and concrete. The living colours are also limited to white and friendly grey.  

The impressive glazing floods the spacious rooms with plenty of light, which is reflected by the bright floor, the white walls with the high ceiling height and gives the house a very airy and clear atmosphere.  

The noticeable lightness in this villa is also created by the fact that deliberately only little furniture adorns the rooms. Individual art objects in splendid colours act as real eye-catchers and gain full attention due to the deliberately reduced and timeless interior design.  

In the bathroom and staircase, the minimalist style is successfully continued: the architects aplus Architecture rely on clear design language, smooth glass surfaces and oak wood as a universal material to give the home harmony and comfort.

No matter on which living level – the light oak parquet, which almost completely manages without knots and cracks, proves to be the ideal material for warm modernity, which significantly supports the formal reduction of the furnishing concept, but still lends the rooms a natural and friendly feel-good character. The staircase is also made of extremely white oak, which harmoniously connects both living levels.

In the bathroom, the people living in the house also benefit from an always body-warm and non-slip surface, which the wood has by nature, and thus automatically makes it the ideal choice for bathroom floors. The communication center of the single-family house consists of the kitchen block without handles in a grey concrete look and the solid wood dining table with comfortable shell armchairs upholsteredin grey virgin wool. 

Clear natural wood flooring in a cool shade for every living style

Due to the completely knotfree, clear selection, the oak parquet remains discreetly in the background. 
The finishing of the planks with oil in the extremely white color creates a very bright, white surface, which additionally ensures a homogeneous, calm appearance. The result is a natural wood parquet that looks friendly and natural without being intrusive.  
Exactly this discreet elegance makes Clear Oak, extremely white oiled, the perfect choice for people who like to change interior or home colors and enjoy playing creatively with furnishing styles – the uncomplicated Clear Oak is the ideal sparring partner for this.  

Healthy indoor climate thanks to natural wood

From the living and dining area to the stairs to the bathroom – oak parquet is used on all levels. This uniform materiality not only creates calm and clarity, but also brings a lot of benefits to the people living here.  
The finishing with natural oil leaves the board open-pored and does not close the surface, as would be the case with varnishing or sealing with wax, for example. Thus, the plank can absorb and release moisture into the room. From the moment you live with such large areas of natural wood parquet, a noticeably better room air quality is immediately noticeable. 

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