31.07.2017Project Reports

Rules for dark wood floors - lively parquet floors take centre stage

This private building in Graz impresses thanks to its skilful play on natural materials.

"The combination of light stone and dark floor is at the same time elegant and refreshing."

Dark wood floors are truly eye-catching and automatically give a high-quality touch to any room. However, there are some important factors to consider. Our project report shows a very successful implementation.

Key influence factors with dark wood floors

Light and colour are the decisive factors which make rooms with dark floors true oases of well-being. The bright walls, the stainless steel appliances and the selection of chairs create a unique contrast to the brown hardwood floors. A real eye-catcher is the stone front of the cooking Island which harmonises with its colour and at the same time integrates perfectly into the room concept as a natural material.

The transitions between walls and floor are broken up again and again. Thus, the contrast is less rigid and much more harmonious. In detail, the wall-facing behind the kitchen should be mentioned here as it is made of mafi Oak Molto Vulcano. The table top and also the TV shelf use very similar wooden elements.

Stairs matching to the floor

Stairs are intrinsically connecting elements. When stairs and floors are made of the same material, they also fulfil their intended purpose. mafi offers a wide range of stair profiles and variations, and of course always matching to the floor.

Brown, lively planks

The Oak Molto Vulcano gets its brown colour play from a special, natural drying process. The inclusions found within the wood act slightly differently and create a variety of brown shades which appear uniform and matching. This gives a real natural wood floor which does not hide its character.   









8010 Graz