24.06.2022Project Reports

Showroom at the cutting edge: oak wood floors at Maislinger


- Oak Character as a timeless and versatile basis for modern interiors

- Modern combination of exposed concrete + oak flooring

- Restrained and healthy living: The perfect setting for creative meetings

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The furnishing professionals at Maislinger Wohnideen have chosen timeless oak flooring for their showroom, pairing it modern exposed concrete. Chalk white, cubist interiors stand out against the warm color of the wood and act as friendly accents.

OAK Character impresses with warm shades and natural surface appearance. A wood floor that adapts perfectly to every style of living.

Oak Character as a timeless basis for every room concept

A friendly all-round talent that inspires with timelessness and tremendous robustness:
OAK Character, naturally oiled.

The design professionals at Maislinger Wohnideen have a passion for design, quality and regional products that is now also reflected in their modern and impressive showroom.
The interior designers have opted to use 100% ecological and natural oak flooring with character in their own studio space.

The warm honey tone and grain of the oak is further emphasized with the natural oiling. Isolated knots in the surface create a natural and lively look which lends the room a warm atmosphere full of hygge.

In addition, employees and customers benefit from a demonstrably healthy indoor climate due to the open porosity of the wood surface. The Maislinger team is also impressed by the uncomplicated cleaning, care and repair required by the floor.

A pair of materials that simultaneously contrasts and harmonizes: wood and concrete

For their showroom in Salzburg, the design professionals at Maislinger Wohnideen have combined two well-known materials that set the tone for the architectural character of the room: wood and concrete.

A brilliant pairing of materials that contrasts with each other and at the same time merges in complete harmony. The modern-cool concrete of the walls and ceiling stands out against the oak wood and its warm color and fine texture. The robust, natural wood floor creates an exciting accent to the roughness of the exposed concrete while also lending a tremendous homey feeling, which help make the premises look friendly and inviting to customers and employees alike.

Simple and ingenious at the same time: The selected materials allow an infinite number of design options. The subtle, grey color of the concrete and the warm tones of the timeless oak planks readily adapt to all color and furnishing styles and thus create the ideal basis for a showroom presenting the latest design trends in high-end surroundings.

Minimal style for creative meetings

The deliberately reduced, even minimalist display space reflects the good taste and sensitivity of the pros at Maislinger when it comes to furnishing their clients' spaces.

Elegant sliding door elements in black are added to a chalk-white, linear interior that stands out against the gray of the walls and the honey tones of the oak flooring. Detailed solutions, such as floor boxes and guide rails for loft doors, have been elegantly incorporated into the oak floor with a lot of detailed work.

The minimal style of the showroom looks contemporary and deliberately takes a step back to create space for creative planning ideas. The generously proportioned space and the width that this creates are the perfect stage for presenting room concepts that have been individually created for clients.

True to the motto "less is more", this showroom offers space for unique ideas while also proving that modern can be cozy.

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