23.04.2014Project Reports

Spring is coming!

... a time where we all for long for the Sun, being outside and excursions into the countryside. If you have not made any plans, may we suggest perhaps the most charming country house north of the Donau river – the country house Lunkowitz, in Brand, Lower Austria.

The naturally oiled mafi planks interact with your senses at various levels – starting with the smell, and on via the honest look to the always body warm surface.

The architecture comes from a typical farm house in the Waldviertel. In December 2013, the last renovations were completed. The result is the best evidence of how tradition, well-being and also a certain degree of modernism exist in harmony.

The interior is a continuation of the country-house style with a mix of natural materials. About 160m2 of mafi Oak Character, brushed and natural oiled, perfectly complement the premises. The warm Oak colour blends seamlessly into the composition of stone and willow branches. The mafi Country house planks also captivate thanks to impressive dimensions that are only possible due to the symmetrical three-layer construction, - even on underfloor heating.

The Oak Character is characterised by its knots, which are sealed in a dark brown colour. The individual, homogeneous knots make the Oak Character a classical balance between living and noble. A special feature of this project is the heavily brushed surface. This gives the floor even more structure and makes it a real barefoot experience.

Holidays on the farm would somehow be too short here, but decide for yourself. The location and the regional style make the Lunkowitz estate a popular destination for tourists from both home and abroad. The concept is, with between 6-8 guests, specifically on quality support and direct contact - an approach with which we at mafi also feel very comfortable.

Landhaus Lunkowitz 
3873 Brand 48
Tel.: +43 680 2210345
Mail: info@landhaus-lunkowitz.at

Cottage Lunkowitz

Brand 48
3873 Brand