13.05.2014Project Reports

The "Floor Whisperer" from Sochi

A true story, this time not from us, but about us. A story about the adventurous journey of the mafi Oak Country floor in Tschagazin, the customer magazine created by our partner Tschabrun in Western Austria.

We wanted to talk with Bernhard Grandner about the cleaning and care of oiled parquet floors, which would have been a relatively short story because cleaning and care when done correctly from the beginning, is no work at all. Bernhard Grandner, a floor layer from Volders, knows that.

How the mafi parquet experienced a Hail testing. 

Bernhard Grandner - he knows that the "philosophy" of oiled parquet floors is still not understood by many. He tries, as a passionate individual fighter, to change that. 10 days after laying a client’s oiled parquet floor, he presents himself at the customer’s door armed with soap and a mop. It only takes 10 minutes to clean the floor for the first time and show the customer how he or she can easily do it themselves in the future. "Oiled" is mistakenly interpreted as a protective layer. The oil has only the function of saturating the wooden fibres. During cleaning, the soap & water (10 litres on average) dissolves the dirt, neutralises the oil and forms a kind of protective skin. Somehow it is oiled.

Damage occurs when one tries to oil the floor oneself by hand. When the oil can no longer be absorbed, the floor gets sticky and seems to magically attract dirt. 
In Sochi, where Bernhard Grandner had to worry about the mafi parquet flooring at the high seat of Bernd Loidl, had his worries realised due to a violent hail storm which submerged the 300 m2 parquet floor under water. The floor swam underwater for two whole weeks. That it could still be saved after all that, is a miracle. 

Since then, Bernhard Grandner has been called the ‘Floor Whisperer’. He just has a special knack for oiled wooden floors and has been particularly impressed with the mafi brand. The influences of water and temperature have fundamentally changed the mafi floor. Not that it is unsightly but rather unusual. 

A wealthy Muscovite wants to have this parquet floor, after a correspondingly complex "rehab", installed in his apartment, says Bernhard Grandner. This parquet, if the deal can be concluded, will be the only one of its kind in the world. An oiled parquet floor needs water to live but not in masses such as in Sochi. That’s why such a floor is ideal for bathrooms and toilets, emphasizes Bernhard Grandner and thereby eliminates a pre-conception. Why does a mirror streak in a tiled bathroom quicker than in a bathroom with an oiled parquet floor? The answer is hygroscopicly explained: wood binds moisture better.

Report and Copyright: www.tschabrun.at