23.10.2017Project Reports

The right floor for a modern city villa

Representative rooms, subdued colours, individual accents - the interior design firm Karina Ewertz has succeeded in creating a textbook case of timeless designs in Hamburg.

"The size of the property and modernity of the furnishings were particularly important for me in this project, so that the atmosphere is warm, inviting and suitable for a family. Everything was designed around that - the furniture, lighting, materials and substances and in particular the wood floor", Karina Medow outlines the project.

The living room on the ground floor is already an entree that needs fear no comparisons. The open gallery, coupled with the large window surfaces creates a spacious atmosphere. The light-flooded rooms harmonise perfectly with the bright, warm colours of the wood floor. Sophisticated lighting concepts like this always take into account the floor as the largest area of light reflection. Here also, the choice of the material plays a decisive role as natural substances always react with UV light. This is also why the mafi OAK Clear in the white oiled variant is ideal as any slight colour changes are absorbed with the regular soap care.

The used colours all rank in classification as earthy tones. These solid colours are always timeless. However, this city villa was equipped with a modern furnishing approach. Single, very judiciously applied accents, such as colour contrasting carpets support this concept.

Wood floors, such as the mafi OAK Clear brushed and white oiled, are unobtrusive but always exude an elegant charm. Especially in well-thought-out projects like this, the combination possibilities are almost endless with mafi natural wood floors. This is also reflected in the children's room of the house. Children experience floors very differently than adults. The floor is a playing and laying surface in one. The demands are high and at the same time, the floor must be warm and pleasant for the children. The mafi surface allows direct contact with wood, which automatically means that humans always feel the body temperature base. Wood does not directly conduct body heat, which makes the floor appear always warmer than, for example, lacquered floors.

This project was designed by the interior design firm Karina Ewertz in consultation with the builders. Usage will be rewarded with the result. In addition, all planks were individually sorted and optimally matched to each room by the architect’s office in collaboration with the Parkett Design Adam floor layers. More information about Mrs Medow and her philosophy can be found here.