20.10.2022Project Reports

This house combines biophilic interiors with breathtaking architecture


- Domino Larch Vulcano as a sturdy base for expressive architecture

- Biophilic living: When nature and living space merge

- Healthy indoor climate thanks to open-pored, oiled parquet

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Solid wood cubes in four by four centimeters are arranged on a parquet net and finally glued to the screed over the entire surface. This creates a lively surface of annual rings and different shades of color.

The Domino larch is a characterful floor second to none. Tough and indestructible with an exciting look and pleasant feel, this floor is still as inspiring today as it was in its original use as a workshop floor.

mafi Domino Larch Vulcano: Tough and full of character

A floor from the past brought into the present.

Larch wood cubes measuring four by four centimeters are attached to parquet nets and finally glued to the screed over the entire surface. The result is an extremely durable and tough parquet floor, which has always been used in Austria as the preferred flooring for workshops and other extremely heavy-use rooms.

The large number of thermally treated larch cubes give a very vibrant overall look, consisting of different shades from light caramel to rich brown. Special highlight: The countless annual rings are both extremely natural and welcoming.

In terms of structure, the mafi Domino larch Vulcano is really exceptional. Instead of the three-layer construction typical of mafi, each cube is made of solid wood.
It is precisely for this reason that special attention is paid to flawless installation - always on a dry subsurface.

Naturally beautiful: living space and nature merge

The materials used and architecture of this detached house in Mexico is not only extremely striking, but also extraordinary.

The characterful larch end-grain wood floor is an earth-connecting element and is captivating with warm color nuances that harmonize wonderfully with the oak wall and ceiling elements.
Large-sized rooms, many windows and high ceilings convey a feeling of space and are the perfect stage for contemporary paintings and individual, modern art artifacts.

The living area naturally merges with the green outdoor area and brings the surrounding vegetation into the living space, regardless of whether the sliding doors are open or closed. This biophilic character of the house is also reflected in the deliberately selected, natural materials: the architects Bernardi + Peschard ARQUITECTURA combine rough exposed concrete with larch wood and oak and match these natural materials with luxurious interior design.

Furniture is in strictly warm earth tones and discreet slate gray, which both convey coziness and really show off the art collection of the owner.

Oiled parquet for a healthy living environment

Open-pored, simply oiled parquet not only promotes a healthy indoor climate but also has a proven positive influence on our general well-being.
Solid wood furniture and natural wood floorboards counteract dry eyes, headaches and fatigue, among other things.

The Domino Larch Vulcano is not only healthy but also practical - with a mixture of water and wood soap, the floor is not only cleaned, but also nourished at the same time with valuable fats contained in the soap. Sporadic stains or scratches can always be treated where they are without having to treat the entire surface, as is the case, for example, with varnished floors.

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