12.12.2013Project Reports

Wood floor as a Style Statement? A Success Story!

Real natural wooden floors create something that is lacking in many rooms but which is now barely tangible. The naturally warm underfoot material wood gives a room soul and generates the feeling of comfort that reminds many people of childhood.

Therefore wood cannot be old-fashioned. Wooden floors give an especially comfortable and pleasant feel to a room’s foundation.

This is exactly what has happened in the newly refurbished "FRANZ" pub in Bergheim, run by the family Gmachl. A total of 225m2 of mafi Oak Wild decorate the new local.

The task for architect Franz Kirchmayr was clear: to create a cosy tavern for locals and visitors to the village square, which combines a contemporary meeting place and conveys the "real" village life feel for young and old. "In times of a throw-away society, real handicraft and being homemade is currently experiencing a special revival. The restaurant Gmachl in Bergheim, along with their butchers, has stood for the best quality for seven generations and has been a popular spot for locals and guests for decades. This should also be conveyed by our new premises", explain Silvia and Franz Gmachl.

The mafi Oak Wild celebrates the natural characteristics of the wood. Large dark knots and deep cracks go through the floor boards and are brought to life in black. The old wooden character combined with modern flair fits perfectly into the room concept and tells a story.

mafi floorboards are created to a simply but clear philosophy. To work with wood means reducing the bad, while preserving the good. When applied to wooden floors, it’s about keeping the regenerative abilities and health promoting aspects of the wood, whilst curbing wear & tear as well as the swelling and shrinkage behaviour of the wood. For this, mafi chooses a combination of air-dried, oiled surfaces and a symmetrical three layer floorboard structure. In this way, the wooden floorboards remain natural and breathable, whilst still stable and robust. The awkward gap formation on underfloor heating is also greatly reduced by this symmetrical structure.

"We are completely satisfied with the conversion. It is really remarkable how often we are actively spoken to about the spectacular floor," says Franz Gmachl. "With the Franz Card we are also have a nice opening offer. Simply charge up €100 value and only pay €95. We are looking forward to seeing many more guests!”

restaurant Franz hotel Gmachl

Dorfstraße 35
5101 Bergheim