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Wooden floors in the workplace improve concentration and create a healthy indoor climate

- Oak Sand, white oiled: robust wood floors for German company MAS GmbH.

- Healthy working environment with mafi natural wood floors.

- What a natural wood floor has to offer to work in commercial spaces.

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The building housing all of MAS GmbH. has been designed to promote dialog and communication for better results and greater employee satisfaction with their work. And the natural hardwood flooring sets the stage.

Isabell Ehring, interior designer BA
OAK sand, white-oiled, is the ideal mix between an authentic, natural design and a homogeneous overall appearance. This effect is achieved through a pronounced knot pattern, which, however, comes across as more reserved due to the sand color and the white oiled surface.

mafi OAK Sand: the perfect compromise between character and homogeneous

Architect Isabell Ehring intentionally chose the timeless look of natural wood flooring for the company headquarters of MAS GmbH. The OAK Sand from mafi especially impresses with its calm look. The balance between lively grain, fine color differences within the planks, and individual knots exudes the natural characteristics of wood without being brash. The finishing of the planks with white pigmented linseed-based natural oil creates a very harmonious and modern-cool surface appearance.

Natural wooden floors are becoming increasingly popular, especially in offices, medical practices, and hotels.

Every knot in the OAK Sand, white oiled, has been sealed with sand-colored putty, which combines perfectly with the color of the oak wood to  make it almost invisible.  But it wasn't just the look that convinced the architect, but also the extreme robustness of the oak, which at 34 N/mm² Brinell is one of the hardest woods of all.

Three woods to describe mafi OAK Sand: Natural. Unobtrusive. Robust.

Biophilic room concept for a healthy work environment

Since the architect almost exclusively used only wood surfaces in her biophilic interior design, she has succeeded in creating a very natural working environment that has a stimulating and very positive effect on all employees.

Skillfully integrating the most natural of all building materials into the space allows people to reconnect with nature almost unconsciously as they go about their everyday work; this, in turn, creates a feeling of well-being and inner peace.

Natural wooden floors are becoming increasingly popular, especially in offices, medical practices, and hotels.

The daily sensory contact with the natural wood surface not only has a lot of positive effects on the emotional level, but also demonstrably improves the room climate.
Due to the brushed and oiled surface of the wood, the pores of the oak remain open, thus preserving all of the natural properties of the wood. The wood floors can continue toabsorb and return the moisture in the room. Thus, all employees benefit from a healthy and noticeably pleasant room climate. Wood also filters pollutants from the air and has a demonstrably relieving and balancing effect in rooms with high electrical loads.

Wood floors in the workplace: the type of wood and surface determine its lifespan

The everyday stresses on the wood, such as the rolling of office chairs and frequent walking on the wear layer, usually with street shoes, require the natural wood floors to be extremely robust. Oak is a good choice for this purpose. Another promising alternative is ash, which offers a similar degree of hardness.

In addition to the nature of the wood, the surface finish is crucial for the longevity of a wooden floor. To ensure this, mafi relies on an oiled surface that penetrates deep into the wood and ensures its resistance to stresses from the inside out. In contrast to lacquered, waxed, or UV-oiled surfaces, mafi wood surfaces have no unnatural layers on top.

It is precisely this layer that is often damaged by heavy use and can only be repaired by refinishing the entire floor. mafi natural wood floors can be repaired locally without affecting the remaining area.

The floors are cleaned and cared for in a single step with a cotton mop, warm water, and the appropriate mafi wooden floor soap. Larger cleaning machines may be used for larger projects.

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