15.04.2020Project Reports

Yes, it works: A doctor´s practice as an oasis of well being.


- An medical office on display: This is how green building works

- Wood is truly hygienic: the benefits of natural wood flooring

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Doctor and patient sit down together at a table for a conversation. We even made sure that the chairs were the same - not with the doctor on the wing chair here and the patient on the stool over there,”explained the two architects Philipp Buxbaum and Christian Kircher from the Vienna office of smartvoll architekten.

The white oiling of the mafi EICHE Character lends modern rooms of the group practice a modern and friendly, light surface, without being artificial. The natural grain and the occasional veins of the oak create a very homey atmosphere that most are probably not used to experiencing in a doctor's office.

A Viennese medical practice on the cutting edge

Architects Philipp Buxbaum and Christian Kircher from smartvoll architekten chose the ecologically produced mafi "OAK Character, brushed, white oiled" for the contemporary concept of a doctor's office in the middle of Vienna.

The refinement with white linseed oil-based oil slightly accents the oak's very warm hue and gives it a fresh, whitish look. The light wood surface harmonizes particularly well with the light blue wall colors and the pastel-like, same-colored interior. Despite the oiling, the beautiful grain of the wood and its scattered veins remain. The resulting natural surface appearance engenders a feeling of real security and an extraordinarily natural character throughout the entire practice.

A modern room concept with a natural feel-good character

Anyone looking for a waiting room in this joint practice will search in vain.
Instead, the architects set up cozy waiting areas directly in front of each treatment room, from which you can be met directly by your doctor. One to one communication is very important: doctor and patient meet equally in the bright and spacious rooms at the same table and on the same seating. A successful and well-thought-out concept that not only alleviates patients' fears, but also quickly engenders trust in the doctor.

The welcoming natural wood flooring extends from the entrance area through the waiting area to the treatment room and thus ensures an all-round feel-good character in the entire practice. The architectural firm smartvoll architekten succeed in reflecting the high quality of medical care externally by choosing a natural floor, high-quality materials and a modern interior.

The countless benefits of a natural wood floor

A natural wood floor is not only beautiful to look at. Natural wood floors can do much more.
By leaving the wooden floor untreated and completely natural, i.e. protecting the wood from chemical drying agents, formaldehyde, POCs or the like, it can fully develop all of its natural, positive properties.

Wood not only radiates warmth and cosiness, but also demonstrably contributes to a healthy indoor climate. By absorbing the moisture from the environment and releasing it back into the room. The effect: We feel very comfortable in rooms featuring wood and benefit from healthy living humidity.

Wood also has antibacterial properties. While microorganisms are viable on smooth floor surfaces, they die much faster on wooden surfaces. A benefit especially for people with house dust allergies.

To be succinct, living with natural wood flooring is: Healthy. Hygienic. Comfortable.

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