07.07.2015Project Reports

Wilde 16 - an old manor becomes a model for sustainable building

...just like an OAK Country, brushed and natural oiled which creates the bridge between tradition and modern.

A porous, oiled surface on a natural wooden floor sustainably improves the room climate.

One of the many media reports about this unique project stated: "Most likely it would have been more economical to simply demolish the manor in the Kleinheid Street with an excavator and start with a clean slate". We are very pleased to present you today with the result of an elaborate restoration instead of a completely new building. 

The Wilde 16, being the centuries old square courtyard in the town of Verlautenheide, was not only renovated but also turned into a futuristic example of an energy oriented refurbishment. 50% of the energy required for the production of heating and hot water comes from solar energy. The rest is heated using CO2-neutral wood pellets. 

The right material 

Also, the selection of the materials for the interior was also done according to sustainability. The client followed less a green question of faith than a rather farsighted calculation. A healthy room climate and sustainable raw materials can sometimes be more expensive to acquire, however do prove to be a clever investment in the long run - also with regard to the expected price explosion of fossil materials.

Feel at home

The desire for cosiness against the background of a healthy room climate led to the selection of the mafi OAK Country, brushed and natural oiled. The firm natural tone of the Oak with its prominent play on colours immediately characterises the whole room. Crossed with big, black knots, the natural wooden floor provides an authentic character. The aforementioned cosiness is achieved by a special mafi finishing. This includes allowing the wooden floor oil to dry in the air without any artificial accelerators, which allows the oil to soak deep into the plank and results in direct contact between Man and the wood. 
This means the end of cold feet, as well as a balanced room climate. mafi floors are manufactured exclusively in Austria to order. In addition to the symmetrical structure of planks using three layered solid wood, a mafi plank is made from highly ecological materials such as white glue (completely Formaldehyde free) and a natural, linseed based oil (no VOCs). Through the porous surface and regular care with water and wooden floor soap, the mafi floor can also release moisture and thereby sustainably improve the room climate. A slight smell of wood rounds off the experience for the senses.  

Planning is everything

The architect Uwe Fickenscher and his Architecture Plus agency was responsible for the comprehensive planning and the actual realising of the project. "The challenge in this exciting project was to preserve the essential elements of the old building and still create a modern transition", explains Fickenscher. “We searched for natural, as unchanged as possible and genuine materials.” So, we used clay dug out from the foundations and finally found the right Oak planks at mafi. These were installed in the barn loft in varying lengths and widths, which gives the room a tremendous generosity and an easy high quality, directly from the use of materials. You can see the longevity of the material and it is also ideal for stair construction."