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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

This proverb describes the end grain parquet perfectly. Consisting of many different end grain blocks, a solid wood floor is created, which is incredibly resilient. The natural and unique color gradient makes infinite combination possibilities possible when it comes to furnishings. Whether it's hard-wearing rooms, wall and ceiling panelling or stairs clad with the unique end grain parquet, the sum of the individual wooden pieces creates a lively and unique surface. The tree rings of the wood become a special optical highlight in every room. Discover the endless combination possibilities of the end grain floor and learn about the product options featured in the mafi Domino collection.

End grain - A definition of the term

The end grain (also referred to as crosscut) differs from classic wooden lamellas when the tree trunk is cut. This is not cut along the trunk as usual, but across the trunk. Then the cut wood is processed into small cubes. When lining up the square pieces of wood, the manufacturer makes sure that the annual rings of the wood are visible from above. The result is a multifaceted and extraordinary pattern.

The end grain features a particularly high load capacity. For this reason, end grain is becoming increasingly popular as a wooden floor. The special, aesthetic charm of the clearly recognizable annual rings combined with the dimensional stability and durability gives every room a special charm with a feel-good character.

The design idea was inspired by old workshop floors. At that time, long sticks were used for the floor, but this created large joints and height differences over the years. For this reason, the wooden blocks at mafi are glued to nets and produced with a thickness of 19 mm. An old classic, interpreted in a modern and, above all, stable way!

Areas of application for end grain parquet

The high-quality and hard-wearing end grain floor is often used in rooms that are subject to higher traffic. Workshops, restaurants or company entrances, for example, rely on the high-quality flooring. Front-end wood parquet is gaining more and more attention in private rooms. The aesthetic and robust floor covering masters the balancing act between the load-bearing capacity for an industrial facility and an exclusive living area with an urban style.

The current trend to create expressive floors as a decisive design element in interior design speaks for the end grain wood look. The historically developed style, which was originally to be found in craft shops, has been reinterpreted by mafi and makes an infinite number of possible combinations in interior furnishings possible. The end grain parquet is suitable for underfloor heating, provided that it is fully glued to the substrate.

Reducing the mix of materials - walls or stairs to match the floor

Modern, high-quality furnishing concepts are clearly moving in the direction of wall cladding made of wood. Wall cladding with a cross-grained floor becomes even more of an extraordinary eye-catcher. The wood is used as an identity-creating material on the wall and provides that certain something in every room. The mix of materials underscores the design concept. The uniform appearance as well as the harmonious look are good reasons to choose a wall covering from the mafi Domino collection.

Using end grain to clad stairs brings aesthetic and tasteful properties along with it. With the help of the mafi Domino collection, stairs become stylish and exclusive furnishing elements. A reduced abundance of varying textures provides for a perfect interior design, which is harmonious in its own right.

Product Options - End grain designs

The mafi Domino collection features end grain elements, which are applied to a parquet network in small squares of 40 x 40 mm. Finished laying elements with a size of 400 x 200 x 19 mm are created, which are glued to the floor over the entire surface. The Domino collection differs from the other mafi collections in terms of the structure of the wood. The end grain has not been processed into the typical three-layer structure.

It is solid wood, which is particularly hard-wearing. Thanks to the special chemical-free thermal treatment of the natural wood and the refinement with natural oils, the focus remains on the unadulterated wooden floor experience. The thermal treatment of the wood provides the necessary stability, which greatly reduces the swelling and shrinking behavior.

End grain parquet made of larch

The mafi Domino Larch Vulcano combines naturalness with sophistication. The rustic end grain parquet is used more and more frequently in modern architectural projects and serves as an exciting contrast to the puristic interior. A cozy, feel-good character combined with the extraordinary tree rings is a highlight in every room.

The Domino Larch Vulcano features lighter colors, which means that the tree's annual rings are clearly visible. The product pays homage to wood with all its annual rings and color nuances. A lively and pleasant atmosphere is conveyed, which reflects nature on the basis of the wooden floor.

Laying end grain flooring

The individual wooden elements of the end grain parquet are glued over the entire surface. These are delivered unfinished, i.e. not oiled at the factory. A permanently elastic adhesive is used to lay the Domino products. Then it has to be sanded several times. In order to achieve a more distinct feel, the end grain wood parquet can also be brushed. Finally, the entire surface is refined with mafi wood floor oil. The mafi white wood floor oil can be used to make the domino floor lighter and to highlight the annual rings. The naturally oiled version intensifies the natural tone of the wood without appearing unnatural. In general, particular attention must be paid to the laying and it is recommended to have it carried out by professionals, since solid wood and especially end grain demonstrate a stronger swelling and shrinking behavior. Please feel free to contact us for further information!

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