Wooden wall designs inside your home:  a style choice for even more warmth.


  • Reduce the material mix by cladding your interior walls with flooring
  • Wood designs on the wall
  • 3-D walls and surfaces
  • Curved wooden wall elements
  • The wall as furniture
  • Wooden wall  bedroom: amazing headboards, better sleep
  • Inspirations from all over the world
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Cladding interior walls with wood: the new trend

Current living trends are clearly beginning to embrace cladding one's walls with wood. Putting mafi natural wood products on the wall can be quite the bold statement. Clear room concepts in line with sustainable principles can convey a special warmth and comfort both at home in a wooden wall for a bedroom, for example, and in offices or medical practices. A particularly natural design is the result of a reduced mix of materials that chooses the same material for the floors and wall covering. International studies show that people spend around 90% of their day in closed rooms, so why not give them the best  possible furnishing? The wood filters pollutants from the air. This has a positive effect on our health and sense of well-being.

Design factor: the harmonious integration of curved walls or different collections of mafi wood products such as Carving, Domino, and Fresco can ensure the perfect interplay in every room. An additional wooden wall is a real added value for every project, whether as a statement piece or for the way it makes you feel.

Cladding walls made of wood that perfectly matches your wooden floors?

A reduced mix of materials is the key to high-quality design concepts. Using natural wood floors cladding interior walls is ecologically responsible while also having a positive effect on the indoor climate and your sense of well-being.

The wood together with its ability to regulate humidity in your spaces results  in a  powerless, air conditioner of sorts that cleans the air in your space. This is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers. Cladding the wall in wood also makes a room healthier and can be quite stunning to look at. In this case, wood has been used to create an identity with aesthetic and tasteful properties. The repetition of the coordinated material of floor and wall as a stylistic device ensures a sense of comfort and elevated aesthetics in any space.


The milling process penetrates the top layer and reveals the contrasting black middle layer. Further milling of the gaps lengthwise with subtle grooves reinforces the room-expanding effect of the flooring. The clear, linear design is ideal for stretching room heights and accentuating internal areas.



With a name inspired by the "reserve" wine category, signifying particularly high-quality wines, this choice offers a restrained look. The discreet milling process deepens the top layer without penetrating the middle layer. This creates an alternating pattern between the finished top layer and the second wooden plane, which is traversed by fine grooves.

In search of something special: unique wooden wall designs

Cladding walls with natural wood floors brings warmth and a sense of homey comfort to every project. Thanks to a wide variety of wood floors available, you can choose a natural, extravagant, and even artistic design. mafi's various collections from Carving to Domino not only make it possible to individualize every floor, but can also create unique wooden walls for the interior.

The Carving Collection of oak and beech flooring and the Domino Collection of ash and larch are both perfect for individual, unique statement pieces. Use the different species, finishes, and designs to make almost every wish come true on your walls. Using the same, coordinated materials blurs the lines between the horizontal and vertical lines of sight in the space. Clean lines are broken up to create retreats and high-end areas within the space.

Cladding walls with a 3-D look

For all those who are looking for something special, the planks with 3-D texture can create a real statement piece. Turn a monotone wall into an extraordinary feature with wood finished to look three-dimensional. This natural floor offers a massage effect for the soles of your feet, and woods in the Fresco and Riva collections can be absolutely stunning when installed vertically.

The design is reserved, but will win you over with its fine details. This special design element made of wood is produced in a wide variety of patterns, each representing individuality. The Riva Collection is characterized by a natural and subtle hatching, while Fresco plays with shapes and lines.

Who says curved wooden walls are impossible?

Trees grow round, why not integrate curved wooden walls into rooms as the ultimate eye-catcher? The innovation of covering round walls with wood is a distinct architectural statement. The new FLEX processing technology is used to bend planks and create a symbiosis between the floor and the wooden walls. Even difficult floor plans and nested walls can be "corrected" and presented in a visually appealing manner with a rounded panel. Whether in an office, a restaurant, or your own four walls, a curved wooden wall is exceptional in any case.

You can find more information about our curved wooden walls at: mafi flex

The wall as furniture

Entering a room that works harmoniously automatically increases our sense of well-being. Using the same color gradients is enough to make the room appear harmonious, but if the furniture is also coordinated with the wood-clad walls, it can be design perfection. Spaces thus work harmoniously in themselves and stimulate the subconscious. Whether at your favorite wine bar where the counter matches the floor and the wooden walls, your dining table which harmonizes perfectly with the wooden walls in your space, or doors that are flush with the wall, almost disappearing into the wall.


Wooden wall  bedroom: amazing headboards, better sleep

One of the most popular places for woodwork on walls is behind one's bed. The goal in any bedroom or spa-like space is for your body to relax. A lot of factors need to come together to make this happen. One aspect even dates back to the Stone Age. People sleep better with a view of the door and a wall behind them - this primal behavior results from the time when we humans lived in caves and always had to keep an eye out for possible enemies crossing the threshold. These patterns are still subconsciously anchored in us.

A similar atmosphere is created by covering the rear wall with the natural material wood. In addition to the appealing look, it creates a real quiet zone that also subconsciously ensures relaxation and a good night's sleep.

Scientific studies show that wood has a positive effect on people. Our physical and psychological well-being is increased by the materials we use to decorate our spaces. The pine wood in particular, with its unique aromas and essential oils, has all the properties to positively influence the physical and psychological well-being. Get a better night's rest and reduce your heart rate as you sleep so you can start the next day full of energy.

Wooden wall art from all over the world: inspiration from modern to rustic

Finally, take a lot at the wide range of designs featuring wood walls for the interior, from timeless classics to a cozy country house in the Alps.