Stable chateau planks for optical width and spaciousness

  • Room-length planks - stylistic devices for representative rooms
  • Wide planks from mafi: durable and dimensionally stable
  • Products available as wide planks
  • Advantages of symmetrical plank construction vs. Solid wood flooring
  • Origin of the floor-length planks > Castle planks
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Extraordinary, imposing, one statement - the wide planks from mafi offer room-length dimensions with optimal stability. The floor-length planks are being used more and more frequently. Large-scale rooms look even more spacious and impressive due to the plank flooring, and smaller living objects are optically enlarged.

The chateau planks with their generous appearance will provide charm to any room and provide additional visual depth. In old buildings, they lend a fitting, historical character. Whether in the private living area or in the heavily used area, there's always a varied but harmonious surface appearance.

Various widths can be optionally combined with each other and provide unique and representative pieces as a stylistic device. But what aspects have to be considered when it comes to wide planks? What laying directions are there? And how do solid floors differ from the symmetrical plank structure of mafi?

Floor-length planks - stylistic devices for stunning rooms

Floor-length planks embody a very special ambience. A board width of up to 30 cm ensures an enormous width and makes every room appear even larger. mafi wide planks are used from modern to rustic room concepts and are suitable for all architectural concepts that strive for generous room features.  

The extraordinary width of chateau planks often leads to a problem: instability. Thanks to mafi's three-symmetrical plank structure, which ensures the highest quality and optimum stability, any project can be implemented without any difficulty whatsoever. The top layer and the reserve are made of the same wood, which has been subjected to the same thermal treatment. The multi-layer three-layer structure guarantees that, despite the extreme widths, the movement of the wood is enormously reduced and the wide planks are safe from warping.

Laying directions: There are no limits to the sturdy chateau planks, not only when it comes to the selection of the different products of the plank floors. The direction of the floor installation is also individually adapted to each project. The wide planks are laid depending on whether the length or width of a room is to be optically enhanced. With room lengths of four or five meters, the mafi wide planks can also be laid from wall to wall - this is referred to as floor-length planks. In order to create a special, extravagant overall picture, the floor-length planks can also be installed diagonally, thereby penetrating the rectangular space.

Wide planks from mafi: durable and dimensionally stable

mafi wide planks are a statement for every room. The authentic and charming character of the wood is underpinned by the lengths of 4000 or 5000 mm. The width of the board varies. Depending on the hardwood or softwood, the thickness is 19 or 21 mm. The extreme dimensions are achieved through the symmetrical plank structure by mafi. With the help of the symmetrical 3-layer structure of the plank, the floor is extremely stable and can also be easily installed on top of underfloor heating. The resulting symmetry reduces the swelling and shrinking behavior of wood enormously and the formation of joints is greatly reduced. For this reason, mafi natural wood floors are ideal for laying on underfloor heating.

Sustainability: Most of the time, only the wood from the wide, central area of the tree trunk is used for the stable chateau planks. However, mafi has discovered an ecological solution to manage resources sustainably. On the one hand, laying with mixed widths creates a charming unique piece, and on the other hand, the wide planks are produced sustainably. This form of material application is also the most original. In the past, the tree was also used in its entirety and thus processed as a floor with different widths.

Even if you decide against laying with mixed widths, mafi ensures sustainability. In addition to wide planks, narrower planks are also produced from the same tree, and any residual material is ultimately processed into high-quality wood pellets.

Products available as wide planks

Chateau planks are guaranteed to lend an optically wide and elegant feel to any room. Your individual touch is ensured thanks to the numerous mafi designs. Whether you want the elegant and timeless look of oak, a play of colors with the Oak Vulcano / Medium or the exciting textures in the Coral Collection, each variant ensures a generous, graceful appearance. Larch, Douglas fir, and fir also lend any room a warm and harmonious atmosphere.

In any case, wide planks from mafi create a special ambiance.

Here's an overview:

OAK Clear Wide-Plank

Oak impresses with an elegant and timeless surface appearance. It adapts ideally to any environment and excels with its versatility. Depending on the sorting, it fits every furnishing style.

OAK Vulcano/ OAK Vulcano Medium

mafi has developed Vulcano technology to provide an alternative to dark tropical woods with local types of wood. This design is a brown to medium brown wooden floor, which is impressive in terms of both its play with colors and in its character. Cool, reduced furnishing concepts become oases of wellbeing thanks to the warmth and cosiness of the Vulcano oak floorboards.

Coral OAK

The coral collection unfolds its full potential as a wide plank. The material already has cracks in the unfinished form, which are manually reworked in order to create a vivid surface appearance. Scattered wide cracks, which are closed with paint, can be perfectly adapted to the individual color concept and ensure a coherent appearance.

LARCH Wide-Plank

Larch wide planks are described as having strong character because they impress with a pleasant, warm appearance. The bright play of colors enchants all those who prefer a natural look and a natural appearance.


Douglas fir trees can reach a height of 60 meters and cause a stir with their clear grain and light basic color. This elegant and harmonious expression is also reflected in the chateau plank floorboards. This floor is a must, especially for the Scandinavian furnishing style.

FIR Wide-Plank

Fir wood exhilarates the senses with its cosy aura. Above all, the friendly, warm color of the wide planks makes rooms appear larger and brighter. The typical knot pattern and the distinctive design of the annual rings lend a feeling of great comfort and provide an extra degree of feel-good character. A rural, rustic style of furnishing is highlighted with mafi fir wide planks. The natural charisma is also suitable as a contrast for straightforward living concepts and modern architecture projects.

Advantages of symmetrical plank construction vs. Solid wood flooring

Problems with joints in solid wood: In most cases, laying solid wood floors is not an ideal solution. The most varied of conditions, such as air humidity, heat or wetness, affect the wood and it warps as a result. Comparatively large joints arise. Underfloor heating systems exacerbate the problem.

mafi focuses on stability as the core value of the brand. Therefore, we rely on a symmetrical 3-layer structure. This consists of three layers of wood, with both the top and the back being made of the same wood, and featuring the same initial thickness, which has been subjected to the same thermal treatment. This structure enables an equally strong counter-pull, which enormously reduces the movement of the wood (swelling and shrinking behavior). The middle layer always consists of spruce, which provides additional stability due to its 90 degree cross-gluing. Nevertheless, a certain amount of flexibility remains, which then should reduce the tension within the board. These properties allow more intensive stress on the wooden floor. mafi wide planks can therefore be installed without any expansion joints within the floor area - a real visual added value.

Origin of the floor-length planks > Chateau planks

In churches, castles and other magnificent buildings from earlier times, chateau plank floorboards were the floor of choice. The timeless elegance, which is distributed through the wide planks, was seen as a status symbol in stately buildings with large rooms or halls. The massive and powerful impression that the wide and long planks provide consists of ancient durability and creates a noble ambience. In creating these planks, old trees with thick trunks are processed.

The introduction of chateau floorboards into modern architecture is continuing even today. The reason for this is clear: large rooms often lose their appeal due to small formats - not so when it comes to mafi chateau planks! Laying from wall to wall is also becoming more and more popular and can easily be offered with floor-length planks of 4 or 5 meters.

Chateau planks are impressive with their honest and straightforward charisma both as applied in historical architecture and in any stylish and elegant home.

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