Product Overview

Carving Empire I
brushed / grey oil

Carving is an extraordinary symbiosis between the natural structure of wood and a variety on graphic design. The innovative Carving technology enables us to engrave classic, retro-modern and contemporary designs into naturally oiled wood surfaces. With Carving Empire I the imperial splendour of a bygone era is retained in the modern age. This classic design creates an exclusive ambience with a majestic elegance. Carving Empire I is universally applicable both in the private and the public sector providing a luxurious flair - whether on the floor, the ceiling or the wall.

Surface options


Carving Empire I is based on a robust Beech wood with consistent colour resulting from heat treatment (without chemical additives). Beech plank in 3-layer construction, bevelled (2.5 mm) on the long side and with approx. 2 - 4 mm top layer, with approx. 4 mm backing in the same wood and middle layer conifer. Tongue and groove on all sides for easy installation. The graphic design is split across 2 floor planks and is repeated several times lengthwise. The planks are numbered on the head end of the groove (1/2, 2/2). In order to avoid joins in the same position, there are indicators where to cut and these are marked with „CUT“ along the groove.

Recommended Accessories