Product Overview

FIR Wild Vulcano Wide-Plank / natural oil

Deviations in structure due to growth underline the old-wood character of the appearance.


Fir wood with a regular colour hue due to thermo treatment (without chemical additives). Fir plank in 3-layer construction with large bevel on the long side and approx. 5 mm top layer as well as approx. 5 mm backing in the same wood. The middle layer is conifer, similarly thermo treated. Tongue and groove on all sides for easy installation. This particularly robust raw material comes from trees from regional mountain forests that has been cut in winter. Typical is its very rustic character with open cracks, particularly rough structure and strongly brushed surface that should not necessarily be walked on barefoot. The plank corresponds to a naturally aged surface when oiled once and without sealed spots.

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