Hardwoods come from deciduous trees, in other words, trees with leaves that usually drop in autumn in temperate climates. The special feature of hardwoods is their tight fiber structure, which makes them very robust and resilient.
Because of this, hardwoods have been used for millennia, not just as interior surfaces, but also as load-bearing columns and beams.


+ The mafi hardwoods: beech, oak, ash, and walnut. Brinell hardness: between 32 and 34 N/mm², except for the walnut which offers between 42 and 48 N/mm². Lengths up to 4-5 m (13.1 to 16.4 ft) and widths from 155 mm to 300 mm (6.1 to 11.8 inches).

+ Hardwood is easy to care for: even annoying stains such as red wine or coffee can be easily removed with pure wood soap and hot water.

+ Hardwood is robust: due to its extreme hardness, hardwood floors are used everywhere, from single family homes to restaurants, from industrial lofts to Main Street shops.

+ Hardwood is a chameleon: hardwood can work with every style of interior design. Depending on the type of wood and how it's treated with oil, it can easily be combined with both modern and traditional room designs.

+ Hardwood is versatile: natural thermal treatment and a variety of natural oils from white to natural offer a wide range of surface options.

+ Hardwood ensures a healthy room climate: the open pores of mafi's floorboards allow moisture to be absorbed and later released in your space, ensuring a healthy living space.


mafi offers a range of hardwoods ranging from beech, oak, and ash to walnut.
Each of these woods is known for being very hard and robust.

The different varieties of all these woods offer a wide range of beautiful looks: from strong, knotty grains to timeless, knot-free surfaces. Finally, oiling with natural oils is another finishing step that gives the planks a beautiful shade of color.

Like all mafi boards, our hardwood floors feature a sturdy 3-layer structure with an approx. 4 mm overlay, as well as approx. 4 mm backing in the same wood, but running in the opposite direction, with a layer of pine in between. Tongue and groove on all sides for easy installation. Particularly impressive are the lengths of the hardwood boards, which can run up to four or five meters long (13.1 to 16.4 ft) and widths from 155 mm to 300 mm (6.1 to 11.8 inches).

Because of their extreme robustness, hardwood floors work well in all spaces, including kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms and even high-traffic commercial spaces.



Hardwood flooring has an almost infinite number of different surfaces: mafi's wide color spectrum ranges from almost snow-white to light, medium, and dark brown surfaces.

To come up with the different surfaces, mafi uses natural oils in different colors and/or a completely chemical-free thermal treatment process.

Linseed-based oils give the wood surface either a naturally warm-light, white to a deep-white or gray hue, always without obscuring the beautiful grain of the wood, of course. The oil is given enough time to penetrate into the wood  deeply and is allowed to air-dry without any chemical additives. The result is an unadulterated and natural feel that invites you to go barefoot.

If you prefer a dark flooring, you might opt for thermal-treated hardwoods where the surfaces have been "baked" to tones ranging from light to dark brown using a completely natural and chemical-free thermal process using only heat and water.  


No one should ever say that hardwoods only work in certain design styles.
On the contrary, oak is considered a perennial favorite due to its robustness and the wide range of looks it offers. For more than twenty years, mafi's oak floors have been used not only in private homes, but also in high-traffic spaces such as shops, restaurants, and offices.

Oak hardwood as an all-rounder from color to appearance

The white-oiled, pure oak, for example, perfectly suits minimalist room concepts that demand a floor that speaks of modernity and deliberately "retreats."
The popular and very lively mafi plank "Oak Country" with its strikingly black-filled knots and cracks is, on the other hand, very popular for living concepts focused on hygge and warmth.

With the completely chemical-free thermal treatment Vulcano, mafi also creates dark shades from light brown to almost black without having to resort to tropical woods.

Tiger oak and coral offer a particularly individual touch where the cracks in the wood can be colored individually.

Ash as the new discovery and alternative to oak

Ash is no longer a new trend and, due to its distinctive grain, designers often combine it with contemporary materials such as concrete and glass to create intriguing contrasts.

Ash is available in both Cor Ash and Uni Ash options. Cor Ash contains a dark core, which is significantly lightened thanks to the oil treatment and radiates a restrained liveliness. By contrast, the Uni Ash has no core and is therefore much more homogeneous. Both variants have very few knots. Ash Medium Vulcano offers a darker variant of ash.

Beech 3-D: unique designs on thermally treated beech.

We find mafi beech hardwoods work great not only as flooring, but also as extravagant wall elements. Particularly popular: the thermal-treated beech boards, which with their differently milled surface textures not only look great, but above all feel great barefoot. This makes this surface particularly suitable for all those areas that you walk on barefoot and where the invigorating massage effect of the surface texture is made tangible.

Walnut hardwood is truly unique.

Walnut is a classic flooring par excellence. The elegant, chocolate-colored surface with its bright spline inclusions and the striking annual rings gives a particularly dignified appearance, especially in larger spaces.

The general preference for walnut comes from its uniqueness. Unlike other types of wood, it is precisely the combination of distinct annual rings and the play of colors in the wood that makes the American Walnut floorboards so special.

A quick look at walnut floors:


How do humans and animals benefit from mafi natural wood floors?
Quite simple: Because the wood surface is not sealed with lacquers or waxes, but preserves the naturally open porosity of the wood. It is precisely these open pores that are so important for a healthy indoor climate. Because the wood can still absorb and return the moisture in the room.

mafi floors are easy to care for with regular wiping with water and wood soap. The soap cleans the floor and the fats it contains give the floor the necessary care it needs. Over the years, mopping with mafi soap creates a patina that permanently protects the wood surface from stains and makes it hard-wearing.
If a stain or a scratch does happen, it can be removed with no problem, with hot water and pure soap.

The mafi Standard - our promise of quality

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