Larch parquet floors: Lifestyle with naturalness and sophistication


- An overview of the benefits and attributes of the larch

- The mafi larch: Various finishes provide a wide range of surface looks

- mafi larch parquet: Easy to maintain, dimensionally stable and wonderfully natural.

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Larch – for modern as well as rustic furnishing concepts

In the past, the larch was once used as wood for rustic furnishing concepts; today, it's increasingly used in modern architecture and serves as an exciting contrast to the often puristic interior. Nowadays, we can find a larch parquet in a cozy tavern as well as in a modern single-family house.


An overview of all the benefits and attributes of mafi larch:

+ The larch is the hardest wood among the soft softwoods:
Brinell hardness: 19 N/mm². As one of the most stable softwoods, the larch is used in the private sector as well as in the real estate sector.


+ Larch is uncomplicated and easy to care for: even coffee or red wine stains can be easily removed with hot water and pure mafi wood floor soap. Regular maintenance with the wood soap keeps the floor robust against stains or scratches.


+ Larch is diverse in its appearance: the natural thermal treatment or leaching as well as the refinement with different colored oils provide a wide range of surface options.


+ Larch is always easy to combine: its versatile look is perfect for traditional furnishing as well as for puristic and modern architecture.


+ Larch wood is good for the room climate: the open pores of the wood surface absorb and release moisture in your space. This ensures a healthy indoor climate for both you and your pets.


+ Impressive larch planks: lengths between 4 m and 5 m with widths from 190 mm to 300 mm. The mafi larch planks are produced in a symmetrical 3-layer structure with a small bevel on the long side and approx. 5 mm running layer, as well as approx. 5 mm backing from the same type of wood. The middle layer consists of pliable softwood.

As the larch has an extremely positive charisma, architects and interior designers also enjoy working with it, taking advantage of the larch's playfulness and combining it with modern building materials such as glass or concrete to create exciting living concepts.

For a long time now, we have not only found larch in a rustic setting, but also welcome it as a desirable feel-good factor in contemporary architecture. In reduced, sober concepts in particular, a larch floor still provides the necessary comfort, but without changing the basic mood of the rooms.

The larch in three words: Cozy. Timeless. Charming.

We all know the larch from cozy alpine hut excursions or from visits to cozy country inns. With its bright, welcoming appearance, it allows every room to shine and always radiates warmth and comfort. The larch is one of the hardest softwoods and is suitable for the private sector as well as for the contract sector.

The annual growth rings stand out clearly from the light, warm wood surface of the larch, which combine with a multitude of branches to form a lively overall picture. It's precisely this natural and lively look of larch wood floors that makes every room appear cozy.


The mafi Country larch captivates with its lively grain and unadulterated knots and cracks. The country house plank made of larch wood is therefore a parquet that, like no other, is particularly well suited for room concepts that require a lively basis. Again, there is the possibility to choose between the different colored oils.

Here it should be said that the oiling naturally has a great influence on the overall effect of the surface.
The "Larch Country Leached and Oiled White" appears less lively than the "Larch Country, Naturally Oiled", since a light oil always soothes the overall appearance of the surface and the cracks move more into the background.

In the "Larch Country, naturally oiled", where the nourishing oil does not require any color pigments, the black-finished cracks appear very nicely in front of the natural color of the wood, making the overall surface appear far less homogeneous than with a white oil.

At mafi, Vulcano floors are all floors that are “baked” dark using thermal treatment that only works with water, wind and heat and is completely chemical-free.
The longer and more intensively the wood is exposed to this thermal treatment, the darker it becomes.
On the one hand, this chemical-free treatment makes larch wood more resistant and, on the other hand, it receives beautiful shades of color between light brown and brown.

With the oils in "natural" and "white" you get the possibility to choose between two different surfaces. Here, too, the light oiling on darker wood looks cooler and more modern, making it particularly suitable for the Nordic furnishing style or the industrial look.

When oiling in "natural", the brown tone of the thermally treated larch wood is emphasized and emphasized. Especially in combination with the bright interior, there is an exciting contrast to the dark caramel tone of the larch parquet.

Thanks to the various finishing processes such as oiling, leaching or chemical-free thermal treatment, larch wood can be offered in a variety of surface variants. Countless shades of color and various surface structures provide a colorful range of different design options that are suitable for absolutely any room concept and preference.

The mafi larch: An optical all-rounderThe mafi larch parquet is available in the following oil finishes: "natural" or "white" and "deep white natural" as well as "leached, white oiled" or "leached, natural oiled" – countless surface possibilities make the choice a tough one.

Which surface is best suited for your room concept?

For example, the “white oiled” wood surface looks very bright and friendly, which still lets the warm color of the larch shine through, but still looks cool and modern.
Oil-treated, however, the larch appears completely natural, since the oil works completely without color pigments and doesn't alter the natural color of the wood. On the contrary, the oil additionally emphasizes the grain and the warm radiance of the floor is particularly beautiful.

If you like the trendy Scandilook, the best thing is to use a “leached and white oiled” larch floor and combine this extremely light natural wood floor with fine pastel shades or delicate shades of gray. The variant "leached and naturally oiled" creates an aged look including patina.

Still not bright enough? Then the "deep white natural" surface is the perfect choice. The surface here is almost snow white and comes into its own particularly well in light-flooded and large rooms. It visually enlarges small rooms with little incidence of light and ensures that the room appears brighter.

The "Domino Larch Vulcano" has an equally spectacular play of colors, the surface of which alternates between very light and very dark shades.
The non-chemical heat treatment achieves a darker shade of larch, which even emphasizes the color differences. But the gentle thermal treatment not only changes the color of the larch, it also reduces the natural swelling and shrinking behavior of the wood. - An extremely positive and desired side effect.

Another special feature of this floor is its construction. Because, as usual, this floor is not produced as a plank with a symmetrical three-layer structure, but is made as a solid block of wood in 4x4 cm. In order to facilitate laying, the countless end grain blocks are fastened to a network of 400x200 mm.

Due to its extreme resistance, this type of floor has always been a mainstay in heavily used rooms. Thus we are familiar with them from old workshops or production shops, where of course extreme robustness and durability were required.

In addition to the strong color difference, the large number of small square wooden blocks also helps to make the surface look very lively and special. A floor for special furnishing concepts.

A mafi larch floor is not only a visual highlight, but also an easy-care parquet floor. Like all mafi natural wood floors, it is simply wiped with wood soap and water. The soap cleans the floor and the valuable fats contained in it care for it. With every wipe it becomes ever more robust against stains and scratches. Nevertheless, if a small mishap happens, red wine or even grease stains can be removed with hot water and pure soap.

The open porosity of the larch wood surface is retained even after the last finishing step, oiling with natural oil based on linseed oil. This has the great benefit that the wood can continue to absorb moisture in the room and release it back into the room, which demonstrably improves the indoor climate.

high-quality plank construction

A larch floor can be considered a close companion for many years - you can rely on it.
Thanks to the typical mafi symmetrical three-layer structure, the same wood is always used for the top layer and the back with the same thermal treatment. This high-quality plank construction guarantees stability and longevity, which strongly counteracts a possible shrinking or throwing of the floor. A flexible coniferous wood is used for the middle layer. The wear layer and the stable counter-pull of the larch plank are approx. 5mm long and between four and five meters long.

Larch wood can look back on a very long tradition, especially in the alpine region, its natural environment. Larch has always been popular for the interior finishing of stairs, doors, railings or also as a floor board. We also find it as construction timber for ceiling constructions or also outdoors, for example as facade cladding or as a front door, where it gradually acquires a silver-gray patina.

The versatility and longevity of this wood make larch a popular material, both indoors and outdoors.


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