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mafi for the interior design of ships:

Sometimes, demand acts as a catalyst. In itself, the brand mafi is an expert and pioneer of natural and healthy wooden floors for indoor use.

Thanks to a combination of sturdy floorboard construction and innovative surface refinement (slip resistance class of R11), which allows direct contact with the wood, mafi natural wood floors are increasingly being used for high-quality interior construction of yachts.

Here, the areas of application include not only the floor but walls and ceilings as well.

Popular products

In addition to fine products and color shades such as our nut floorboards or Oak and Vulcano Oak  variants, our 3D surfaces in particular are very popular in shipbuilding.

The floors of the Riva collection have a structure that is as natural as possible and runs alongside the floorboard.

Wood floors from the Fresco collection, on the other hand, have different designs that are characterized by their regular repetitions.

The Carving collection offers extravagant designs from classic to modern. Upon request, custom-made products can be offered as well.

Maximum stability through symmetrical floorboard construction

Wood has a pronounced swelling and shrinkage behavior and reacts to humidity and moisture. These influencing factors are increasing in shipbuilding and thus require  stability requirements that are more specific.

mafi natural wood floors rely on a symmetrical floorboard construction in three solid wood layers. The symmetry is achieved through the top layer and reserve. Here, the same wood is used in the same initial thickness and drying. The middle layer consists of spruce and is cross-glued in 90°, thus ensuring further stability.

By default, the three layers are glued with formaldehyde-free vinegar-based white glue. Upon request, gluing can be done on D4 basis to further increase the moisture resistance.

Moisture-regulating surface refinement

In addition to dimensional stability, wood in shipbuilding has to master two other key challenges: water handling and slip resistance. Both issues are tackled thanks to the special mafi surface. However, the word “surface” does not apply here.

mafi refines the wooden floorboards with natural oils but lets them air-dry and thus absorb deep into the wood. This yields two advantages:

direct contact with wood


open porosity of the wood remains unchanged

Direct contact with wood has a direct influence on slip resistance. Our oak floors are certified with a slip resistance class of R11, which is exemplary for the entire mafi portfolio. In addition, all floorboards are brushed, which promises additional liability.

The open porosity of the wood in turn allows water or moisture to penetrate into the wood but also to evaporate again freely into the room air. The resistance to moisture damage is extremely high. Any deformations are counteracted in the form of the symmetrical floorboard construction.

Slip resistance class of R11

Wood in itself is ideal in terms of slip resistance. For the most part, any layers that are applied to supposedly protect the wood, such as UV oil, varnish, or wax, are problematic. mafi avoids these surface types and works with refinement forms within the wood that do not create a barrier between wood and man.

As a result, mafi oak floorboards have an R11 slip resistance.


Cleaning and care

mafi natural wood floors have to be re-oiled once after laying. After the drying phase, the floors shift to the cleaning and care phase. For this purpose, a mixture of hot water and the mafi wood floor soap is used by means of cotton sweepers.

The soap is specially adapted to the mafi wood surface and has a high fat content. This fat content has numerous advantages for the wood:

+ Antibacterial

+ Antiseptic

+ Cleaning deep into the wood fibers

+ Restoring fat to the wood fibers

+ Greatly increased stain resistance

+ Completely natural substances

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