Product Overview

OAK Character Boiserie Reserve
brushed / white oil

BOISERIE Reserve: The discreet milling process deepens the top layer without penetrating the middle layer. This creates an alternating pattern between the finished top layer and the second wooden plane, which is traversed by fine grooves.

Surface options


Fixed size

Oak plank in 3-layer construction with small bevel on long side and approx. 4 mm top layer, with approx. 4 mm backing in the same wood and middle layer conifer. Tongue and groove on the long side. For the main part the planks have healthy knots. Stress cracks up to 30 cm, also torn knots and small knots are sealed with appropriate wood putty. Repairs up 25 mm diameter are possible. Small open cracks and unsealed spots of a few millimetres are permitted. 

Recommended Accessories