Product Overview

OAK Clear Carving Lipso I
brushed / white oil

Carving, an extraordinary symbiosis between the natural structure of wood and a variety on graphic design. The innovative Carving technology enables us to engrave classic, retro-modern and contemporary designs into naturally oiled wood surfaces. Carving Lipso I re-interprets a classic design from earlier times and with the help of precise processing technology, brings this onto the naturally oiled wood surface.

Only recognisable on a second glance, Carving Lipso I combines the advantages of high-quality wood flooring with the well-known lines of other wall materials. This floor is predestined for use in Gastronomy thanks to its resistant surface and its distinctive design. The graphic design is divided across 2 planks and is repeated several times lengthwise.

Surface options


Oak plank in 3-layer construction with small bevel on long side and approx. 4 mm top layer, with approx. 4 mm backing in the same wood and middle layer conifer. Tongue and groove on all sides for easy installation. The planks are free from knots and sapwood but have some curled spots. Small knots and slight stress are cracks possible.

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