Product overview

mafi is an international natural wood flooring brand. Our portfolio includes a variety of natural wood floors from different wood types.

As part of our mafi 360° program, we also offer various solutions such as stairs, matching wall elements and skirting boards to exactly match your mafi natural wood floor. Here you will find a compact overview.

Our range runs from classic country house planks via creative designs to customer-specific special productions. Almost all planks are manufactured in a symmetrical 3-layer construction. Thus, the planks are very stable, allow distinct dimensions and are ideal for installation on underfloor heating. The dimensions are dependent on the product selected, but the maximum version is a plank five meters in length and 30cm in width. The surface is finished with natural oils, is thus totally ecological and provides direct contact with the wood. We offer different types of wood, in different collations and surface finishes.

Matching wall and ceiling cladding

mafi floors captivate with a completely natural haptic and create a special feeling of well-being. That’s why more and more interior design experts are expanding the fields of application for our products - including also wall and ceiling panelling. Usually, the planks are attached to a substructure on the corresponding parts of the building. The mafi Flex application, which allows for the bending of our planks, is of special interest in these areas.

Staircase solutions to match the floor


The number of high-rise residential and business premises has been increasing worldwide for years. One reason for this is, amongst others, the shortage of land. Therefore, stairs have entered more into our homes. High-quality projects integrate stairs right from the outset into the entire room concept. This works well when the floor and the staircase are made of the same material, with the same look. We offer corresponding staircase solutions for all our floors. Whether it is a mere step or a kick and riser combination, or even a stair nose. We offer fundamentally five different variants for stairs and stair edges:


Skirting boards

The transition between the wall and floor is often solved with help of skirting boards. The advantage lies not only in the covering of the floor wall gaps but also in the protection of the wall from traces of wear, for example from the vacuum cleaner. The skirting also acts as a corresponding spacer against the wall when mopping the floor. We will also gladly advise you about alternative solutions such as wall flush skirting look or installations without skirting boards. Matching to your mafi floor, we offer four different types of profiles:

Care and maintenance for natural wood floors

mafi natural wood floors are very easy to care for and become ever more insensitive the longer you live on them. The secret behind this is regular care with the matching mafi wood floor soap. And the best thing? Cleaning and care are done in the same run.

The very high fat content soap is used in combination with warm water for floor mopping. The soap binds dirt and at the same time prevents damage by keeping the wood fibres supple. In addition to the soap, we offer products for refreshing and re-finishing your mafi natural wood floor.




Specifically, the installation of natural wood floors has a big impact on customer satisfaction. That’s why we also offer high-quality accessories for the installation of mafi natural wood floors.

Starting with the tapping block developed specifically for mafi, via the corresponding parquet adhesives and on to protective mats for protecting the floor during the construction phase.


Small furniture


Reduce the material mix! With our small furniture range, we offer the possibility to integrate various accessories into your home. The combination possibilities with your mafi natural wood floor are what make this exciting.
You can either go for on a tone-in-tone concept and select the same wood with the same oiling, or choose a gentle contrast and vary, for example, only the colour of the finishing. We are happy to advise you in any special designs.

Nautic and maritime products

Time and again, mafi natural wood floors are used in yacht building. Here, it is particularly important to use a floor with a slip resistance class of R11.

The naturally oiled surface and the genuine contact between man and floor that is associated with it form the ideal basis for ship interior construction. The product range is supported by optimum stability thanks to the symmetrical 3-layer structure.

Exciting designs like the Fresco Duna or timeless classics like our Nut USA are very popular as well and can also be found on walls or ceilings.

Learn more about our nautical and maritime products.

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