Spruce: once the height of rustic, now oh so modern


- Hard facts: A practical overview of all the properties of spruce

- Spruce wood surfaces provide a particularly pleasant look for room designs ranging from the rural & rustic to sleek & modern

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The particularly lively look of the spruce

Spruce flooring has a pleasant and warm charm. It has lively knot patterns and the typical softwood grain.

Its unique appearance comes into its own in large, light-flooded rooms, making them feel like home in no time at all.

The feel of the spruce wood is also very special because its surface feels pleasantly velvety underfoot due to its soft wood fibers. Spruce is very suitable for use in less heavily used rooms, such as bedrooms or home offices, since pressure points can occur due to its softness.

The advantages and properties of spruce flooring:

+ Spruce is a soft wood with a Brinell hardness of 12 N/mm².
The soft wood fibers of the spruce lend it a very pleasant, velvety feel. Spruce wood can be used particularly well in private spaces with less traffic.


+ Spruce is suitable for everyday use because it is very easy to maintain. Stains can be removed with just hot water and soap. Wood floor soap is used for regular maintenance because it both cleans and nourishes the surface at the same time.


+ Spruce offers different looks: two oils in different colors create a beautiful surface appearance without artificially masking the wood grain. mafi offers both white and natural oiling.


+ Spruce will really catch the eye because it is not all that commonly used. Spruce floors are a must-have, especially for fans of Scandinavian design, because it lends any room that cozy and warm atmosphere known as hygge.


+ Spruce creates healthy living spaces: Since the surface of the spruce board remains open-pored after it has been finished, it can continue to absorb moisture in the room and release it back into the room. This is a natural property of wood which makes an essential contribution to a healthy room climate.

+ Spruce planks remain stable: mafi spruce planks are produced in a symmetrical 3-layer structure with a small bevel on the long side and approx. 5 mm running layer, as well as approx. 5 mm backing from the same type of wood. The middle layer consists of another soft wood that remains flexible. Lengths: 2480-3980 mm; widths: 190 mm; thicknesses: 16 or 21 mm.

Spruce wood for rooms with hygge

Depending on the room design, it is precisely this property of softwoods that can give it an instant lived-in look. A patina always gives a sense of naturalness and well-being. A floor surface that grows with you and tells its unique story. No matter whether for a rustic lifestyle or a modern room concept, spruce wood blends harmoniously into its surroundings and guarantees cozy comfort.

After many years of everyday use and regular maintenance with mafi wood soap, the spruce surface develops an appealing and unique patina that not only inspires, but also makes the surface increasingly robust.


Spruce flooring from mafi is available in both natural and white oiled finishes.
Since mafi is produced entirely ecologically and does not use artificial seals or UV protection barriers on the surface, the color of a natural-oiled wood surface will change naturally over the years. The spruce will develop an even warmer tone over time.

If you prefer a cooler look, we recommend mafi's white-oiled spruce.
This gives the surface a lighter and therefore modern look without covering up the beautiful grain and lively knot patterns. A pleasant barefoot feel is naturally preserved when spruce is finished with natural oil, because the oil is given the necessary time to penetrate deeply into the wood and therefore not leave any unpleasant greasy film behind. 


We give our floorboards two coats of replenishing oil: once in production, as the last finishing step, and a second time, right after the floors are laid.
The natural linseed-based oil gives the wood a good portion of nourishment while ensuring a pleasant feel and a beautiful surface appearance.

What is ingenious about the spruce flooring is that the wood does not lose its ability to absorb moisture from the room and then later release it back. The oiled wood surface remains open-pored to ensure a healthy indoor climate. Incidentally, this applies to all natural wood floors from mafi.

The floor is simply cared for by being wiped with water and floor soap for wood floors. The soap both cleans the floor and gives it the care it needs. The valuable fats contained in the soap protect the surface of the floor from future stains and scratches.

The high-quality mafi plank construction for more stability

A mafi spruce floor will be with you for many years to come, because the high-quality plank structure counteracts the shrinking or warping of the plank. Let's take a closer look at the plank construction: the top layer consists of approx. 5 mm spruce wood; the underside is exactly identical. In between, there's a flexible softwood layer.

Responsible for the long life of the plank is the symmetrical three-layer structure that sets mafi floors apart: the backing is made of the same wood with the same thermal treatment, lending the plank stability for years to come.


Spruce for Scandinavian design

Spruce is a flooring surface for individualists who appreciate the velvety feel and the lively look of this wood.

Often known in northern Europe as flooring for rustic room concepts, it is now finding use in sleek, modern designs, too. Spruce has become particularly popular for use in Scandinavian minimalism, where it is beautifully combined with beige and light pastel tones.

Spruce in three words: Natural. Stable. Healthy.


A flexible lightweight: the spruce

Spruce is one of the most important woods in Europe. It is particularly widespread in the mountainous regions of Northern, Central and Southern Europe, where it has always been used both indoors and out. Spruce wood is also very popular in furniture making because it is very lightweight.

But it also works well as ceiling cladding, flooring, doors, or window casings. It's also familiar from packaging materials such as crates and pallets. Because of its extremely good resonance, spruce wood is even used in instrument making and can be turned into a violin or cello, for example.

Spruce trees reach an impressive age of up to 600 years and, covering approx. 60% of Austria's forest lands, are one of the most common native woods. It used to be cultivated as a monoculture, but this is no longer the case in modern forestry practice in Austria.


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