Karina Ewertz Innenarchitektur Hamburg

Karina Ewertz Innenarchitektur Hamburg
Mozartstraße 7
22083, Hamburg

+49 (0) 40 29894750

Karina Medow, formerly Ewertz, is the owner of the same named interior design agency in Hamburg, Germany. Already during her diploma studies, a key talent began to emerge - combining architecture and interior design and setting the scene with details. This talent has quickly become the premise which is reflected in all of her projects from hotel, gastronomy and Spa design up to private interior design.

Again and again we are allowed to accompany her as mafi projects, the results of which remain long in the memory. What exactly the decisive factor for this is, is often not easy to say, but mostly it is the interplay of many factors. The interior design firm Ewertz used mafi OAK Clear brushed, white oiled across 240m2 during the design of a private villa in Hamburg. The furnishing style in harmony with the noble wood planks has become a top-class private reference.

"The decision to use this mafi parquet was based on the reserved style of the floor, which connects the individual living areas in a relaxed and stylish way. The calm appearance of the floor places the furniture in the limelight. But living also requires feelings. With mafi floors, you feel the real wood barefoot”, Karina Medow explains her motivation.

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