NINA MAIR Architecture + Design

NINA MAIR Architecture + Design
Innstrasse 23
6020, Innsbruck
+43 512 935214

Nina Mair lives and works in Innsbruck / Austria and is active in the fields of design and architecture. Following her studies in architecture at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Florence, Italy, and the University of Innsbruck, Austria, in 2006 she founded the design studio Pudelskern together with two partners, which she ran until 2012.

She has worked independently as a product designer and architect in her own studio since 2012. With her products and architectural concepts, Nina Mair tells stories and is one of the most experienced designers of narrative design. Her work is guided by her passion and enthusiasm for materials, craftsmanship and various industrial manufacturing techniques. The designer develops her products for international distribution companies such as Stepevi, Casamania, YDOL, ClassiCon, as well as for her own label. In 2015, Nina Mair launched her online shop, through which she sells her own collection of furniture and home accessories:

Nina Mair's ability to see things in their entirety, from object to building and vice versa, is based on her passion for architecture. "Architecture is not just a vessel filled with objects, but a space that has the potential to evolve along with its users. I consider my work successful when it touches people emotionally."

Nina Mair also managed to affect people in the shortest possible time as part of the "Tyrol Lounge" project at Innsbruck Airport. Nina Mair explains the choice of mafi natural wood floors as follows: "The legal and technical requirements for surfaces and materials in an airport lounge are particularly demanding. With the product from mafi, we were able to use an oak surface with a natural look and a pleasant feel. This contributes to the cozy and authentic atmosphere of the room." The project was awarded the German Design Award in 2019.