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Thanks to numerous, successful and diverse architectural projects ranging from public buildings, to social and health care facilities, to private houses and apartments, Seidel+Architects has been enjoying success on the German market for 30 years now. Founded in the 1990s by Uwe Seidel and his wife Annette Katrin Seidel, the Pirna office now employs 15 architects. The scope of services offered exceeds that of a typical architectural office by far: In addition to the implementation of all work phases of the HOAI from the idea to the final completion, the execution of a holistic interior design is also part of the Seidel+Architects repertoire. The final step towards the holistic execution of a high-quality architectural project is successful marketing, which the architects' son, Franz Philip Seidel, and his team now offer under the name SeidelStudios.

Laurichhof - designhotel with mafi natural wood floors

At the conclusion of 2019, with the construction of their own designhotel in their native Saxony, at the gateway to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, a dream came true for the family: With 27 individually furnished suites and their dream worlds, in addition to a worldwide unique first-class vacation, they create the opportunity to try out high-quality products before purchasing them. And vacationers can buy anything their hearts' desire, from the sockets to the chairs, and even the concept of a complete interior design.

This unique hotel concept, which does not exist anywhere else, has now been honored with this year's German Design Award in the "Interior Architecture" category.