Archionic ZT GmbH

Archionic ZT GmbH
Sierningerstraße 56-58
4400, Steyr
+43 (0) 7252 70001

ARCHIONIC ZT GmbH, with headquarters in Styria, Austria, is an international Architecture and Planning Office. With a team of 7 people, the company operates, amongst other things, in the areas of project management, general planning, architectural design and construction supervision.

Following their architectural conciseness, the team stands for a high degree of motivation and focusses their work on providing total customer satisfaction. It is just this orientation which has facilitated projects with private houses, hotels and commercial projects such as car dealerships up to concept stores of the BURGERISTA restaurant chain. 

In the latter, the mafi Domino LARCH Vulcano end-grain flooring was installed in the Salzburg branch. 

"The decision for mafi was based primarily on the quality. Especially with end-grain floors, the installation advice and the quality of the product is a central factor. mafi counteracts the swelling and shrinkage behaviour with a biologically harmless thermo treatment", explains DI Seyrlehner, Managing Director of ARCHIONIC ZT GmbH.