lu:p Architektur GmbH

lu:p Architektur GmbH
Ringstraße 21
96271, Grub am Forst
+49 (0)9560/8122

We are always very happy to work with mafi natural wooden floors, because we, like our clients, value the natural wood and its associated longevity.

With mafi, their products and their employees we have always had a good experience and we look forward to further co-operation.

Responsible for the unusual design is [lu:p] Architecture GmbH. We asked Managing Director Renee Lorenz for a short statement:

"For the forest lighting design, a forest photo motif was attached to the walls of the waiting room. In the suspended ceiling more than 2500 leaves of different sizes form a dense canopy. Through the targeted use of indirect and direct lighting from different angles, the appearance is modelled by a canopy. In the seating area of the waiting room, moss-like cushions hang over wooden benches. Slender, carved round logs create the seat legs and through this form the wardrobe with milled coat hooks."