Michel Schranz for & on behalf of Mike Rundell

Michel Schranz for & on behalf of Mike Rundell
290-294 Latimer Road
W10 6QW, London
United Kingdom
+44 (0)207 483 8360






Established as a limited company in 2011 by Michel Schranz, MS-DA is an ambitious design studio offering a wide range of services in the field of design and architecture. Michel has developed an independent body of work alongside various full time jobs over the past 15 years including Mike Rundell + Associates. 

Michel has successfully managed and delivered work of very different nature & budget, ranging from high end residential homes, art galleries, art & musical installations, commercial spaces, furniture, exhibitions & performance designs.

Michel’s background as a Swiss carpenter, furniture maker & draftsman conducts the studio’s attention to detail and quality of construction. Michel is experienced to operate internationally but the majority of recent projects have been local to London.

Working with mafi means to him to get inspirations by very different but always natural colors in combination with great and precise craftsmanship. Aso the ecological background of the mafi production and the healty final products are a big plus in the business.