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mafi Portfolio

On 368 pages, you'll find all 10 collections, represented by references from all over the world. The cover already makes it clear: at mafi, handwork is very important. Images from current production are used to emphasize the brand and motto in an authentic way: mafi walk on art.

mafi can do more than "just" floor. Above all, we can do total solutions, so in addition to walls, we also offer matching staircases and baseboards. Our offer also includes table tops, window sills, or just carrying your creative idea over into reality.

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mafi care instruction

Cleaning and care in one - mafi natural wood floors are cleaned with warm water and the matching mafi wood floor soap.
The high fat content of the soap increases the robustness of the floor, allows the wood fibres to remain flexible and prevents future contamination.
In addition to the correct application of the mafi care products, here you will also find useful tips and tricks for everyday life with your very own natural wood floor. 


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mafi installation instructions

Every mafi floor requires a good installation. We insist on this with trained experts from within our partner network.
In addition to the ever-present pre-installation audit requirements, the mafi installation instructions specifically address the possible installation types, product-specific features and the right approach for re-oiling. 


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mafi : walk on art

What is the best way to explain the interplay of many individual, small building blocks, which together form a large whole? This question is dedicated to our brochure, mafi: walk on art.

All mafi products follow three core values: they are stable, natural and healthy.

mafi cardpad

A cross-section of our portfolio with a total of 18 reference projects, including top sellers, as well as often underestimated natural wood floors and design classics. This is the mafi card block.

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Why mafi

It is not always easy to quickly and compactly explain the many details of a mafi natural wood floor and the large, sustainable idea behind our brand.
The attention span of people is reduced more and more, we are flooded with information. With the why mafi brochure, we introduce ourselves a little more with self-explanatory images and graphics.
The individual sheets are divided into three chapters - company, technology and surface. On the back of the sheets, we confront reality and prove the respective added value in the so-called fact check. 


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Natural beauties

A large product range requires orientation. The natural range of colours of mafi floors, independent of product and sorted from light to dark can be found in our natural beauties.
Originally designed as a part of our Why mafi brochure, due to the number of requests we now offer our Natural Beauties as single cards. 


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Biophilic Design

Why do you feel more comfortable in some rooms than in others? Why are increasingly more companies focused on having more nature in their offices? The answer, or rather the planning approach behind it, lies in biophilic design.

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