Our catalog, together with our samples and our website, is the ideal way to get an in-depth understanding of the products you are interested in. Real projects offer an excellent overview of almost all of our natural wood floors.

All the wood types we carry are listed, and mafi shows that we can do more than "just" flooring. Above all, we can do total solutions, and, in addition to walls, we also offer matching staircases and baseboards. Our offer also includes table tops, window sills, or just carrying your creative idea over into reality.

On well over 300 pages, you'll find all the collections, represented by references from all over the world. Before each collection, we give a brief insight into the content and stylistics of the natural wood floors included in it.

The portfolio is broken up by individual pages from architects and designers who have implemented projects together with mafi. Information pages on the company's history, philosophy and the topics of stability, naturalness, health & care round off the overall package.

Let yourself be inspired, and get a taste of real projects from all over the world.

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