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Today we're going to talk about a real little power pack. It's only 24 cm high and 22 cm wide but impresses with an immense depth. It's an extremely important generalist. For end customers, it represents an important pillar in the decision-making process. For our partners and ourselves, it's a showroom, reference list, and argumentation basis in personal union.

On 368 pages, you'll find all 10 collections, represented by references from all over the world. The cover already makes it clear: at mafi, handwork is very important. Images from current production are used to emphasize the brand and motto in an authentic way: mafi walk on art.

Speaking of handwork: it's not about nostalgia but about quality and flexibility. We can quickly respond to many customer requests without bureaucracy as illustrated by the Flex section.

Before each collection, we give a brief insight into the content and stylistics of the natural wood floors included in it. The volume is broken up by individual pages of well-known architects and designers who've realized projects together with mafi.

mafi can do more than "just" floor. Above all, we can do total solutions, so in addition to walls, we also offer matching staircases and baseboards. Our offer also includes table tops, window sills, or just carrying your creative idea over into reality.

Let yourself be inspired, and get impressions of real projects from all over the world. Each catalog includes a bookmark in striking pink so that inspiration doesn't turn into frustration. 

You can download the catalog on the website in the Brochures section and digitally scroll through it. Through the article code, you can jump directly to the corresponding product via the link. But all that can only get you substitution and wait time reduction until you get your hands on the new mafi portfolio. Your sales force will be happy to help you along accordingly.

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