Maintenance and first steps after reoiling

mafi floors are already oiled once during the production. After installation, mafi floors have to be lightly re-oiled. This ensures customers receive the perfect surface after the heavy construction/renovation phase.

  1. Re-oiling on site: the floor should be re-oiled once after installation to ensure the optimal surface.
  2. Allow the Wooden Floor Oil to soak in: after 24 hours the floor may again be walken on.
  3. Oil penetration of the entire plank: after 14 days the floor may again come into contact with water.
  4. Care Program: Over a period of three weeks, the floor should be wiped once a week with warm water and mafi Wooden Floor Soap.
  5. Regular Care: in the average private home it's sufficient to wipe the floor once a month with warm water and mafi Wooden Floor Soap - otherwise just vacuum.

Regular care

Every mafi floor is unique and changes with the people who live on it. To ensure it keeps it's value long term, we recommend six care steps be followed. Cleaning & Care in one!

Basic Equipment

  • Two Buckets
  • A soft cotton mop
  • A container of mafi Wooden Floor Soap

Cleaning and Care in one:

  1. Fill both buckets with warm water.
  2. Add to one of the buckets the mafi Wooden Floor Soap (125 ml Soap to 5 litres of water). The 2 bucket principle helps ensure that the clean soapy water does not mix with the dirty water.
  3. The Soapy water mixture is applied to the floor with the soft cotton mop.
  4. Allow a short time to work and then remove any excess water with the soft cotton mop and wash out in the second bucket. The mafi Wooden Floor Soap removes the dirt from the pores and this dissolved dirt is removed on the re-wiping. 
  5. Thereafter, wash out the soft cotton mop in the second bucket with clean water.
  6. Steps 3-5 are repeated for the whole floor area.

Refreshing and polishing with Care Oil Balsam

mafi Care Oil Balsam is an oil emulsified in water and used to refresh the floor. Additionally, the surface is coated which results temporarily in increased robustness. The Care Oil Balsam can pure be applied with a flat cotton mop. With the help of a sheep‘s wool pad, the floor can be re-polished to create a beautiful shine. The floor is fully dry again after approx. four hours.

Yield per litre: approx. 15 m2 (depending on absorption rate of the wood).

Room climate and natural wood floor

At high ambient humidity every wooden floor absorbs humidity and expands. At lower ambient humidity, as is the case during the heating season in the winter months, the wooden floor releases humidity and this contracts. This is one reason why it is important to take care of the room climate.

The room climate is a deciding factor for your health, just as it is for the health of your natural wooden floor. Ideal room conditions are reached at a temperature over 21°C and a relative humidity of 40 - 60%. Regular airing, room plants and humidifiers all act positively on the room climate. With surface heated areas, a surface temperature of 29°C should not be exceeded due to health reasons.

Thanks to mafi's symmetrical plank construction, the annoying formation of gaps is greatly reduced. That's why mafi Natural Wooden Floors are ideal with under floor heating. Nevertheless, gaps may appear in rooms with wooden floors when the humidity level falls too far. Don't see this negatively, but rather as proof of your wooden floor's naturalness. A healthy room climate is also important for the well-being of people.


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