Break in putty on wood floors


Close open putty spots with the matching wax putty and allow to dry slightly. Then, remove with a small chisel and polish with a white hand pad. Restore the brushing using a wire brush in the direction of the planks. Finally, harmonise the area with warm water and the matching mafi wood floor soap.


Breaks in the putty can be closed again by means of the matching wax putty and then almost invisibly embedded in the floor. Using a melting compound, the matching wood putty is drizzled into the open spot. We will gladly advise you with respect to the matching colour - also a mix of different shades is possible.

The putty may only dry slightly, to allow it to be pulled away where required. The surface should still have a rubber-like consistency. This allows the excess putty to be easily removed with a small chisel.

The surface must then be polished using a white hand pad, and if necessary with a grit P120 sanding pad in order to obtain a homogeneous surface. Last but not least, the area is harmonised with warm water and the matching mafi wood floor soap, before being polished with a white hand pad.

Please always evaluate the result when the floor is dry.

Good luck!

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