Remove dark and black stains from wood floors


Apply mafi lightener to the affected area and allow to soak in for max. one minute. Check the result once dry. Finally, neutralise the worked on area with warm water and the matching mafi wood floor soap and polish with a white hand pad.


Dark, almost black stains on the floor are mostly due to contact between metal, water and wood. This mix causes the tannic acid to react, in this example with Oak, which results in so-called oxidation spots. Classic examples are metal chair legs, edges of Christmas tree stands or umbrella stands. Although these spots look relatively dramatic, they can usually be easily eliminated with the help of the mafi lightener.

For these, apply the mafi lightener, somewhat overlapping the actual spot, and allow to soak in for approx. one minute. Then, wait until the spot is dry and assess the results. Depending on the intensity of the spot, repeat the operation if necessary.

Once you are satisfied with the result, wash out the lightener with warm water and mafi wood floor soap which harmonises the wood at the same time. Finally, polish the surface with a white hand pad.

Good luck!

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