Remove dent from wood floor


Drizzle hot water on the spot and cover with a cotton cloth. Then apply a hot iron with high pressure for approx. 5 seconds. Allow to dry and repeat procedure. Thereafter, polish out with concentrated mafi wood floor soap and warm water.


Dents and damage to the surface can be removed with the help of heat and water. Light scratches and minor damages disappear over time through the damp cleaning of the floor. The wood fibres stand up again by themselves through the addition of moisture. The mafi wood floor soap also prevents dirt build up.

We use the same process for more severe dents, but we intensify the process. First, drizzle hot water on the affected area. Then, cover the dent with a cotton cloth, and with heavy pressure apply an iron for approx. 5 seconds onto the wood. Take care to ensure that the iron rests completely on the cotton cloth and does not touch the wood.

The, let the spot dry. Depending on the result, you can repeat the process multiple times. Then, harmonise the spot with a high concentration of the matching mafi wood floor soap and warm water.

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