Use mafi Spotstop to remove fat stains from wood floors


Briefly heat the fat stain with a hair dryer. Then, spray with the mafi Spot-stop and wait until the stain is completely enclosed. Remove the foam-like liquid with hot water and mafi wood floor soap and thus neutralise. Optionally, treat with mafi care oil balsam at the end.


The affected area is first heated with a hair dryer. This liquefies the fat making it easier to remove. Then, spray the stain with mafi Spot-stop. The initial white ring shrinks more and more to a transparent white surface which binds the fat.

Once the stain is completely enclosed, the residues are removed with hot water and the matching mafi wood floor soap using a cotton cloth.

Once fully satisfied, the floor can be optionally re-treated using the matching mafi care oil balsam. Simply apply the balsam directly onto the wood and work in with a cotton cloth. Finally, the surface can be polished with a white hand pad.

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