Remove scratches from wood floor


Minor scratches disappear on their own through regular soap care. Cross-scratches are more difficult and must be sanded down in extreme cases.


Light scratches and minor damages disappear over time through the damp cleaning of the floor. The wood fibres stand up again by themselves through the addition of moisture. The mafi wood floor soap also prevents dirt build up.

Even heavy scratches can be repaired locally. Cross scratches specifically may need to be worked on by hand.

Here we outline the maximum form of the repair. Depending on the intensity of the scratches, just a few steps may be sufficient.

First, the affected area should be drizzled with hot water. Then, a cotton cloth is applied and heated with a commercially available iron for approx. 5 seconds. Here also, the wood fibres stand up again with the drying time, whereby the scratch completely or almost disappears.

If the scratches can still be seen, we recommend roughening the area, always in the direction of the planks, with a green pad first and then with a sanding pad. Here, you start with a coarse grit and finish off with a fine grit (P60 to P120). Afterwards, the surface should be cleaned of any sanding residues.

In order to get a brushed finish even after sanding, a wire brush should be worked over the floor several times in the direction of the planks.

After this, the affected area must again be treated and harmonised. Simply massage in warm water and the matching mafi wood floor soap onto the floor using a cotton cloth. Then, we recommend polishing the floor once more with a white hand pad.

For that extra bit of protection, the floor can be treated with the matching mafi care oil balsam.

Good luck!

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