Repair splintering on wood floor


Firstly, cut away the damaged wood. Then, fill the spot with the matching putty and allow to dry. Then, remove with a small chisel and polish with a white hand pad. Re-tighten the micro-fibres with a hand spatula and polish again with a white hand pad. Restore the brushing using a wire brush in the direction of the planks. Finally, harmonise the area with warm water and the matching mafi wood floor soap.


Splintering lengthwise on the planks can be concealed extremely well with some skill and the right repair putty colour mix. To do this, the splintered material is first removed or cut away.

Then, the open area is closed off using the matching coloured putty. In choosing the right colour, there is not one single solution. We are working with natural wood, where colour differences are a basic characteristic. In addition, a slight patina gets added over the years. The repair putty sticks can also be mixed, if required. We will gladly advise you in choosing the right colour. The putty is heated using a melting compound and the liquid is then trickled into the affected area.

Wait until the putty is lightly dried but still has a rubber-like consistency. In this state, the excess putty can be most easily peeled off. For this, use a standard chisel. Finally, polish the surface with a white hand pad.

The mafi typical micro-fibres can best be re-tightened using a thin spatula. The remaining putty can then be polished with a white hand pad. If the area is still not smooth enough, you can where necessary sand it using a P120 grit sandpaper.

To give the putty area also a brushed effect, use a wire brush to refinish in the direction of the planks.

Then, the affected area is harmonised with warm water and the matching mafi wood floor soap, and finally polished with a white hand pad. Please always evaluate the result when the floor is dry.

Good luck!

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