Remove stains from wood floor - example Wine Stain


Clean the affected area with hot water and mafi wood floor soap. For tough stains, then use the lightener and once more with water and soap. Optionally, treat with mafi care oil balsam at the end.


As during the production, a wood floor should be given time in everyday life. Many stains disappear by themselves with regular care with mafi wood floor soap and warm water. For stubborn stains, we offer a quick solution with the mafi lightener.

At the beginning, virtually every stain can and should be treated with warm water and a high concentration of the matching mafi wood floor soap. After drying, the stain can be examined.

Should the stain still be visible, simply apply the mafi lightener to the affected area (some overlap with the actual stain) and allow to work for approx. one minute. Thereafter, the mafi lightener as well as the dirt are washed out with warm water and mafi wood floor soap, which harmonises the wood at the same time.

Once fully satisfied, the floor can be optionally re-treated using the matching mafi care oil balsam. Simply apply the balsam directly onto the wood and work in with a cotton cloth. Finally, the surface can be polished with a white hand pad.

Baking powder – the home remedy for stains on parquet

For the same effect but with longer working time, stains can be removed from the floor using commercial baking powder. The baking powder is applied to the stain and drizzled with a little water. Once the baking powder starts to bubble, it should be removed from the floor. Pay attention to a short reaction time because otherwise the baking soda will discolour the floor. After the floor is completely dry and the stains are gone, the floor must be harmonised using warm water and the matching mafi wood floor soap.

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