300 million people in the industrialised world have allergies. 

The number of allergy sufferers in the world is continuously increasing year on year. The variety of different allergies has long since broken through the manageable level. There are many causes, but few solutions. A basic rule for allergy sufferers is to deal with their environment and the materials contained therein. 

Three important steps for an allergy free flooring

mafi Natural Wooden Floors are especially sought after by people with allergies or Asthma. This is due to the design of the mafi floorboards and the choice of materials. A mafi natural wooden plank is made up of three layers of solid wood, glue and wooden floor oil. 

"Wood in its natural form doesn’t trigger any allergies, according to our knowledge." 

Only substances that are applied to the wood artificially, i.e. by humans, cause reactions in people. mafi uses only local wood from sustainable forests. The natural pre-drying step, in the factory in Austria, is only the first step in a completely natural production process. There are no chemical accelerators or other type of additives used. 

A special wood glue is used for the symmetrical plank structure and bonding of the three layers of wood. This adhesive is made from water, coal, lime and acetic acid and is certainly one of the most natural adhesive compounds available. The glue is also certified as formaldehyde free. 

In the last step, the previously untreated planks are refined with mafi Wooden Floor Oil. This operation is necessary in order to give the floor sufficient robustness. The wooden floor oil was developed based on linseed oil and meets the highest standards in terms of possible harmful substances. The oil is also given time to penetrate deeply into the planks and doesn’t use any artificial accelerators to dry on the surface. Thus, the pores of the wood remain open and maintain the wood’s natural properties. 

"The open pores allow the floor to interact with the room air." 

Room humidity is absorbed by the floor and then released again. In this way, the wood filters out pollutants. The necessary care & cleaning of the floor with wooden floor soap and warm water gives the floor additional moisture, which in turn positively affects the indoor air. The soap has a high fat content which helps to bind to dirt and dust particles allowing them to be easily washed out during the floor mopping. 

The combination of all these features is what makes mafi natural wooden floors especially interesting for allergy sufferers. Of course, there are a variety of other allergenic substances to be assessed independently of mafi floors. However, the planks themselves are unique thanks to their natural and gentle treatment.