mafi produces natural wooden floors which are treated with special, natural oils and thereby allow a direct, unadulterated contact with the wood. The oil dries in the air without any heat lamps or chemical accelerators, thus ensuring the harmony between man and wood.

The trick to this surface treatment is that the oil penetrates into the pores of the wood and cures from the inside out. Unlike lacquered or UV oiled floors, where purely the surface is sealed, the wood remains completely natural and can deliver its versatile and positive qualities into the living room.

The second major difference is the symmetrical 3-layer structure of the planks. The middle layer is from an Austrian spruce. Toplayer and Backlayer consists of the same wood - this guarantees enormous stability and drastically reduces the swelling and shrinking behavior of the wood. This prevents the formation of gaps. Especially under heavy use, such as with underfloor heating, a mafi plank is a guarantee of stability