mafi uses the entire tree. This is also reflected in the product portfolio. This allows mafi to raise awareness of varying dimensions, in addition to knots and cracks.

Many of the boards are offered in varying lengths from 1800 to 2400mm. Therefore in each production run you get one to three lengths of 1800, 2000 or 2400mm.

Conversely, with the wide-planks lengths are 4000 or 5000mm, but the widths vary between 155 -300mm. In this case you get 2-3 widths depending on the production run. In general, it is ensured that the delivered widths are clearly different to one another. In this way, the entire area receives an authentic character and clearly stands out from the industrial mass production floors. 

Hardwoods are available in thicknesses of 16 or 19mm, and conifers come in 16 or 21mm. The thickness of the boards is controlled by the mid-layer, i.e. toplayer and backlayer remain unchanged, only the thickness of the middle layer changes.

For an extra charge, fixed dimensions are available, however only when the raw material situation allows. The dimensions described above are the most common forms. Depending on the product, other dimensions are possible.