The whole is greater than the sum of its parts - this saying applies exactly to the mafi Domino flooring.

This solid wood floor is made of different grain blocks which give the flooring an incredible stability. Thanks to the thermal treatment of the wood, almost every block shines in a different colour which allows infinitely possible combinations in the furnishing sector.

As if that were still not enough, the mafi Domino can also be used on wall and ceiling surfaces. The surface of the Domino flooring can be both sanded and brushed.

The wood comes from a larch tree.

The design was inspired by the old workshop floorings used in the old days in Austria. Earlier the floor was made out of long sticks. But the solid wood caused a lot of gaps and height differences.

Therefore mafi decided to offer the Domino collection with a thickness of 19mm. The sum of the grain blocks creates a vivid optical on the surface by showing annual year rings on the top.