Energy Saving

In 2003, a letter from Switzerland reached the mafi headquarters.

Therein, a customer explained why his mafi floor saved about 25% on heating costs per year when compared to his neighbour's ceramic floor. It should also be noted that both both the mafi floor owner as well as the ceramic floor owner lived in identical terraced houses side by side.

Due to the comfort as well as heat sensitivity the room temperature in the "mafi house" is always two to three degrees Celsius lower than in the "ceramic house". Additional airing was required because of the higher room temperature.

The sensation of heat was always warm on the mafi floor, whereas the ceramic floor tended to show a latent cold sensation.

This is mentioned only as a striking example of how the perception of warmth with natural wood can have a positive impact on energy costs. However, this is only possible with an air-dried, oiled surface.