In hectic times like these, our own home becomes more and more important as a retreat, with the focal point being the bathroom as its own spa oasis at home.

mafi natural wood floorings are very well suited for wet areas, thanks to the breathable abilities of the oiled wood. Of course there are differences from wood species to species. All mafi thermally treated floorings are ideally suited to wet areas. Due to the special but perfectly natural thermal treatment, the swelling and shrinkage of the wood is practically zero and the resistance to water is increased.

This thermal treatment is also applied to the Fresco Edition flooring. These extremely warm natural wood floorings impress additionally through their unique design that reaches out beyond 3D.

The award winning star of the Edition is the Fresco Vulcano Duna (waves), which was honoured in 2009 with a Red Dot Award honourable mention. Meanwhile, the product range contains four additional unique design surfaces with the Punto (points) and Rombo (diamonds).

Not until they are walked on barefoot, do the Fresco floorings deliver the full effect. The milled 3D surface acts like a massage on the soles of the feet, which are often stressed. Whether it's jumping out of the bath or stepping out of the shower – every bathroom gets its own individual sensory touch with the mafi Fresco Edition.

Additionally, both wall and ceiling panels can be covered with the mafi Fresco planks as well.