Regular Care

Basic Equipment

  • Two Buckets
  • A soft cotton mop
  • A container of mafi Wooden Floor Soap

Cleaning and Care in one:

  1. Fill both buckets with warm water.
  2. Add to one of the buckets the mafi Wooden Floor Soap (125 ml Soap to 5 litres of water). The 2 bucket principle helps ensure that the clean soapy water does not mix with the dirty water.
  3. The Soapy water mixture is applied to the floor with the soft cotton mop.
  4. Allow a short time to work and then remove any excess water with the soft cotton mop and wash out in the second bucket. The mafi Wooden Floor Soap removes the dirt from the pores and this dissolved dirt is removed on the re-wiping. 
  5. Thereafter, wash out the soft cotton mop in the second bucket with clean water.
  6. Steps 3-5 are repeated for the whole floor area.