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Welcome to our Webshop. Here you will find everything that you need for the care of your mafi Natural Wood Floor. Besides, our new furniture line opens for you interesting design possibilities in combination with your mafi natural wood floor. Creative and as useful ideas for your home can be found under acceessoires. 


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Register your mafi Natural Wood Floor now and receive a one-off special Voucher for EUR 10 for your first order.*

With your natural wood floor, the doors to the mafi : members club are wide open. We offer members a personal support for free, including throughout the entire purchase proces. After successfully registering your floor you will enjoy these benefits. With the purchase of a Mafi natural wood floor from our portfolio, all customers after 07.April 2014 will get a Mafi pass. There you will find further useful information and a care instruction and your registration code.

mafi : members club

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Dellivery rates

Thank you for your interest in our mafi Webshop. Further down you will find detailed information on our delivery conditions. We offer delivery of our webshop products in 16 states. Delivery is managed by the GLS Austria company, except for in Switzerland. Depending on the size of packaging required, we decide whether the products can be packed together in one box (see below for maximum weight) or if they can be sent as individual packages. An additional upfront payment may be required for this, depending on the delivery country. Visa and Mastercard creditcards are accepted in the countries listed below.

Country Period Costs per Box Weight Visa/Mastercard Quick--Transfer
Austria 4 - 5 days EUR 6,00 31,5 kg x x
Germany 4 - 5 days EUR 9,60 30 kg x x
Italy 4 - 5 days EUR 15,00 30 kg x x
Belgium 4 - 5 days EUR 12,00 30 kg x x
France 5 - 6 days EUR 14,40 30 kg x x
Greece 5 - 8 days EUR 46,80 30 kg x  
Great Britain 5 - 7 days EUR 14,40 30 kg x  
Irland 7 - 8 days EUR 22,80 30 kg x  
Luxemburg 4 - 5 days EUR 12,00 30 kg x  
Netherlands 4 - 5 days EUR 12,00 30 kg x x
Poland 5 - 6 days EUR 12,00 30 kg x x
Portugal 7 - 9 days EUR 22,80 30 kg x  
Spain 7 - 9 days EUR 22,80 30 kg x x
Czech Republic 4 - 5 days EUR 12,00 30 kg x  
Cyprus 7 - 9 days EUR 46,80 30 kg x

First steps after installation

mafi floors are already oiled once during the production. After installation, mafi floors have to be lightly re-oiled. This ensures customers receive the perfect surface after the heavy construction/ renovation phase.

  1. Re-oiling on site: the floor should be re-oiled once after installation to ensure the optimal surface.
  2. Allow the Wooden Floor Oil to soak in: after 24 hours the floor may again be walken on.
  3. Oil penetration of the entire plank: after 14 days the floor may again come into contact with water.
  4. Care Program: Over a period of three weeks, the floor should be wiped once a week with warm
  5. water and mafi Wooden Floor Soap. Regular Care: in the average private home it's sufficient to wipe the floor once a month with warm
  6. water and mafi Wooden Floor Soap - otherwise just vacuum.

Regular care

Every mafi floor is unique and changes with the people who live on it. To ensure it keep it's value long term, we recommend six care steps be followed. Cleaning & Care in one!

Basic Equipment

  • Two Buckets
  • A soft cotton mop
  • A container of mafi Wooden Floor Soap

Cleaning and Care in one:

  1. Fill both buckets with warm water.
  2. Add to one of the buckets the mafi Wooden Floor Soap
  3. (125 ml Soap to 5 litres of water).
  4. The 2 bucket principle helps ensure that the clean soapy water does not mix with the dirty water.
  5. The Soapy water mixture is applied to the floor with the
  6. soft cotton mop.
  7. Allow a short time to work and then remove any excess water with the soft cotton mop and wash out in the
  8. second bucket. The mafi Wooden Floor Soap removes
  9. the dirt from the pores and this dissolved dirt is
  10. removed on the re-wiping.
  11. Thereafter, wash out the soft cotton mop in the second bucket with clean water.
  12. Steps 3-5 are repeated for the whole floor area